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Editorial Team
Alan V. Schmukler (Chief Editor)
Manish Bhatia
Rochelle Marsden
Firuzi Mehta
David Johnson
Elaine Lewis
Katja Schütt
Neil D. Shere
Leela D’Souza
Shirley Reischman
Edward De Beukelaer
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Published - 2013
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 Sculpting the Constitution - Katja Schuett
 Letters to the Editor
Homeopath in the Hot Seat
Catherine Coulter - interviewed by Katja Schuett
First International Homeopathy Short Story Contest - Date Extended
Online Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas
New Papers - Constitution in Homeopathy
 Conversations with David Little - Katja Schuett
 Clinical Cases - Eugenio Candegabe
 Constitution, Timeline and Temperament - Luc de Schepper
 Children and Homeopathy - Guillermo Enrique Rincon
 Why I Became a Homeopath - Guillermo Enrique Rincon
 Cuprum metallicum - David Lilley
 Ferrum metallicum - David Lilley
 To Tell or Not to Tell? - Valerie Lovelace
 Philosophy: Constitution - Wendy Howard
 Constitution and Chronic Diseases – The Value of Constitutional Symptoms as Seen by G.H.G.Jahr - Gaby Rottler
 The Spirit of the Calcareas - Geo E. Thenst
 Constitutional Homeopathy for the “Whole” Family - Lia Bello
New Papers
 Why Do We Have To Talk About Diet – Again? - Elaine Lewis
 Tidbits – Part 2 - Elaine Lewis
 Tips & Secrets April 2013 - Alan V. Schmukler
 Clamping Down on Nutritional Information In Europe, You’d Better Watch What You Say about Supplements - Gert Schuitemaker & Andrew W. Saul
 Hahnemann – The Great Skeptic! - Iman Navab
 Unpredictable Rottweiler - Joan Goddard
 Research in Homoeopathy Part 4 - Robert Medhurst
 Orientations of Water Molecules – The Force Behind Homeopathy - Ruhul Amin & Biplab Chakraborty
Book Reviews
 “Wonders of Homoeopathy an Evidence-Based Study” by G.R.Mohan & Chaturbhuja Nayak - Ramakrishna Rao
Crossword April 2013 – Alan V. Schmukler
More Than Words!
Cartoon – Blame - Alan V. Schmukler
 QUIZ – Fear of Cold Places - Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis
 Revisiting: Constant Spitting With Sore Throat - Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis
 CHRONIC QUIZ - Chronic Migraine – A Case Quiz - Amarsinha Nikam
 Solution to Dr. Amarsinha Nikam’s Crohn’s Case (February 2013) - Amarsinha Nikam
 Ask the Plant Doctor – April 2013 - Mark Moodie
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