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Three Tips from Dr. J.T. Kent

Carbo Veg
Carbo veg. is indicated after surgical shock, when the patient goes into collapse, and is in danger of dying from the shock of the operation. This is before inflammation sets in, for there is not vitality enough to arouse an inflammation.

Carboneum Sulphuratum
It is our most useful remedy in patients broken down from the long use of alcoholic stimulants. Weakness and suffocation from ascending stairs. Bathing brings on many symptoms. Many symptoms are worse after breakfast. It is a most useful remedy to restrain the growth of cancer (like Graphites) and it has cured lupus.
The Mind of Causticum

Causticum has cured insanity; not acute mania with violent delirium, but mental aberration of the passive kind, where the brain has become tired. The constitution has been broken down with long suffering and much trouble, and finally the mind is in confusion. He is unable to think, and consequently unable to carry on his business. He is going into imbecility. Full of timorous fancies. Overwhelmed with fearful fancies.
James Tyler Kent, MD - Lectures on Homœopathic Materia Medica

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