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Love for children --------------------------Ars.alb, Hep.sulph, Phos, Limen-b-c.

Love for friends --------------------------- Lac-lup.

Love for family --------------------------Ars, Aur, Calc,K.carb,Hep.sulph,Spig.

Love for parents ------------------------ Natrum mur.
Love for humanity ---------------------- Hydrog.
Love for nature --------------------------Carcinocin, Coffea, Lime stone.
Love for yearning -----------------------Vanil, Olib-sac.
Love for married man (out of social context)------Nat.mur.
Love for anal coition with woman ------ Caust, Nux.vom, Plat.
Love for music ----------------------- Crocus, Tarent, Tuber.
Love for dancing ---------------------- Carcinocin.
Love for reading (passion)----------------------- Carcinocin.
Love for approbation ----------------------Palladium, Blatta.
Love for eating ------------------------- Vert.alb, Lyco, Zinc.met.
Love for making mockery (mimick)----- Graph, Sepia, Hyos.
Love for animals -------------------- Lach, Nat.mur, Sulph, Tuber.
Love for baby animals ------------Lac-m.
Love for birds ----------------------Cath-a, Lsd (Lyseric acid diethylamide)
Love for cats ------------------------Aethusa, Lac-f, Sulph.
Love for dogs -----------------------Aeth, Excr-can, Naja.
Love for his pet---------------------Nat.mur.
Love for self respect ----------------- Rhus tox, Sil.
Love to respect for others and elders.--------Coculus ind.
Love to show off branded clothes and cell phones------- Vert.alb.
Love to boaster as rich person ---------------Vert.alb, Lach, Lyco.

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