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When free (In leisure)

Phosphorus will go to opera. ( Museum)

Pulsatilla will visit friends.

Tuberculinum will desire to wander and travel.

Lachesis will go for shopping, esp. clothes.

Natrum mur will go back to home, will stay with family.

Arsenic will stay at home, will do some artistic work.

Medorrhinum will like to see sea.

Sulphur will like t o read books

Kali sulph will enjoy seeing others being happy.

Med romantic feeling comes up when see sea (headaches vanish at the coast)

Antim crud romantic in moonlight


Arsenic is aristocrate.

Phosphorus is attractive.

Phosphorus men are beautiful rather than handsome

Ignatia women are handsome rather than beautiful

Lycopodium is handsome. attractive looking and well-built. The women are often beautiful and of good posture

Pulsatilla is pretty.

Carcinocin is beautiful.

Platina is like queen.( Arogant)

Natrum aristocrats are snobs, but it is a tendency that is hard to avoid

Silicea - delicate, refined and aesthetic, even aristocratic


Arsenic is well organized.

Lachesis is interesting.

Sulphur is boring and philosophical.

Natrum mur is right on the target.

Alumina weeps constantly against its will

Ledum tremor of limb. When attempting to walk or stand

Aptitude for

Arsenic for art.

Phosphorus and Pulsatilla for friends.

Lycopodium for politics.

Natrum mur for teaching and counseling.

Kali bichrom for army.

Sulphur for business and scholarship.

Inborn quality

Pulsatilla child is sweet and playful.

Cina child is irritating.( Ill-humored)

Chamomilla child is constantly weeping..( Whining.)
Tarentula child is hyperactive.

Sulphur child is dirty.

Tuberculinum child loves dancing and music.

Baryta carb child is silly.

Calc. carb child is fair, fat and flabby.( Scrofulous.)

Hyoscyamus Curious child (Inquistive)

Stramonium Fearful child (to injection and strangers ), terrified

Carcinocin child is intellectual.

Causticum and Phosphorus child is fearful.

Natrum mur child is sad and withheld.

Kali brom child is terrified.
Ignatia child is born intelligent.


Calc. phos. Playing with the toy cars

Tuberculinum Playing with the toy cars by doing accidents to each other

Tarentula Playing with the toy cars, just by breaking it and enjoying

Sulphur Playing with the toy cars but remains curious how it works


Argentum nit. Fastest speed but purpose oriented
Nux vom. Speed fast with purpose oriented but more result oriented
Rhus tox. Speed fast due to restlessness but most respectful
Iodum Speed fast but hyperactive
Tarentula Speed fast with most dangerous act (due to restlessness)
Tuberculinum Speed fast but with weakness

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