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Remedy Comparision /Quarreling 

1. Kali group---Quarrels at home with known people.

2. Causticum---Quarreling against injustice to achieve justice.

3. Nux Vomica---Quarreling due to intolerance of contradiction,

As he is an achiever.

4. Asaefotida--- Quarreling due to anger,destructive rage and fury in a very loud tone.
5. Moschus--- Quarrels due to his over senstiveness to all external
6. Lycopodium—Quarrels when his authority is challenged.
7.Aurum--- Quarrels when his rules and regulations are not . followed.( Dutiful and discplined.)
8.Cina---- Always complaining, quarreling is a continuous
Nagging and moaning.
9.Phosphorus---Quarrels when not getting returned affection.
( Misanthropy)
10.Arsenic alb.---Quarrels due to his extremely censorious and
Critical nature.
11.Verat. alb.---Quarrels to show his position.
12.Hyoscymus—Induces quarrel by inciting people.
13.Crocus--- Quarrels due to his changing moods suddenly.
14.Mercury---Quarreling from timidity.So rebelling or revolting.
15.Cantharis—A riotous quarrelsome.Least contradiction makes
him furious. 

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