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Editorial Team
Alan V. Schmukler (Chief Editor)
Manish Bhatia
Rochelle Marsden
Firuzi Mehta
David Johnson
Elaine Lewis
Katja Schütt
Neil D. Shere
Leela D’Souza
Shirley Reischman
Edward De Beukelaer
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Published - 2012
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  The Revolutionary Spirit- Alan V. Schmukler
  Letters to the Editor
Homeopath in the Hot Seat
Chloe Foss – interviewed by Val Lawrence
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Southern College of Homeopathy Presentation
  Fear of Insects- Val Lawrence
  Homebirth Case- Val Lawrence
  A Case of Autism- Liz Angell
  Therapeutic Remedies for Asthma and Other Breathing Difficulties- Val Lawrence
  A Case of Hedgehog- Chloe Foss
  Southern College of Homeopathy – Val Lawrence & Mary Ellis
New Papers
  Diabetes Mellitus: Homeopathic Perspective- Ajit Kulkarni
  Shana’s Vaccination Exemption Letter- Elaine Lewis & Shana Lewis
  Dare To Know- Nicola Henriques
  Snake Bite- Nettie Campbell
  Me, Homeopathy and Sri Lanka- Carla Carmichael
  Homeopathy for Summer Complaints (ppt) - Linda Baker
  A Compendium of Homeopathic Open Access Articles Volume I (2007 – 2011)- Saurav Arora
  The Non-Homoeopaths Guide to Miasms- Robert Medhurst
  Hormone Function – Key Remedies in Treating Hormone Imbalance – Danny Thomas
  Homeopathy for the Summer Season 2012 - Rochelle Marsden
  Tips and Secrets – August 2012 – Alan V. Schmukler
  History of Homeopathy – Iman Navab
  Was Hahnemann a Homeopath or a Health Practitioner? What about you? – Carol Boyce
From the Clinic
  A Case of Laryngeal Keratosis- Nilanjana Basu
  From Abnormal to Normal with Homeopathy – The process of restoration- Nikunj Trivedi
  Tips on Diabetes- Ami Shah
  A Case with Pericarditis and Pleuritis- Douglas Falkner
  Amniotic Fluid Increased by Homeopathy- Sanjay Padole
  Twins with Asthma – Maria Jevtic
  The Flow of Electrical Energy Through Metal and Water: A New Concept – Dr. Md. Ruhul Amin & Biplab Chakraborty
Defecation with Forceps – A Risky Clinical Case- Jacques Millemann
Choupette – My First Case of Parvovirus in a Dog– Jacques Millemann
Crossword August 2012 – Alan V. Schmukler
More Than Words!
Cartoon – Mercury Extends Life – Alan V. Schmukler
  QUIZ – Everything Above My Shoulders Is Not Good!- Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis
  Revisiting: Coughing Up Pennies – Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis
  Ask the Plant Doctor – August 2012 – V.D. Kaviraj
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