by  Pradeepkumar Jadhav 

1.Patients who do not talk on their own.
2.Patients who do not volunteer information on their own.
3.Patients who do not even provide a friendly smile when looked at.
4.Patients who look away or do not meet your eyes or stare.
5.Patients who love to be at a side or sit in a corner,all by themselves,busy reading a book or a newspaper.
6.Patients who answer to the point,very shortly or curtly and do not expand a conversation.


1.Out of timidity-carbons,ammoniums,natrums,magnesiums
others-diligent:arsenic,acid phos,silicea,ignatia
non diligent:hot remedies-puls,ambra grisea
chilly remedies-cocc indicus,rhus tox,gels,plumbum,stannum met.

2.Out of moroseness-
a)-angry when obliged to answer:hot remedies-nat mur,puls,bryonia
chilly remedies-nux vom,arnica,colocynth,acid phos,ars alb.
b)- sarcasm:hot remedies-lyco,bryonia,lach,tarentula.
chilly remedies-carbo veg,graphites,ars alb,nux vom,cham,sepia,nitric acid,ignatia,caust.

3.Out of haughtiness:hot remedies-lyco,granite,lach,plat,sulph.
chilly remedies-nux vom,caust,staph,silicea,fer met,cup met,silicea,china

4.Out of gracefulness:diligent-aur met,ignatia,silicea,fer met,carcinosin,ars alb,nat carb.
non diligent-carbo veg,strontium carb,mag,nat mur,opium,bar mur,cocc ind,viola odorata.

5.Out of sadness and melancholy:
a)consolation agg-nat mur,ant crud,ign,sepia,graphites.
b)consolation does not agg-puls,acid phos.

6.Out of indifference-hot remedies-plat,granite
chilly remedies-helleborus,carbo veg,sepia.

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