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MUMBAI: Maharashtra government today told the Legislative Assembly that doctors wanting to practice allopathy should study pharmacology subject and an ordinance to this effect will be promulgated next month.

Replying to a calling attention notice on the issue of demand of homeopathic doctors to practice allopathy since there is shortage of allopathic doctors in rural areas, state Medical Education Minister Vijay Kumar Gavit said it was not possible legally to allow medicos to practice a medicine which they have not studied.

"Unani, homeopathy and others doctors wishing to practice allopathy should study pharmacology. It will be a full course of one year and they will be allowed to practice only after they clear the examination," the minister said.

Accordingly, Maharashtra Medical Practitioners Act, 1961 will be amended.
He said the Homeopathy Council in Delhi has been requested to include the subject of pharmacology in the homeopathy curriculum.

Nana Patole, Kushal Bopche, Sanjay Kute (all BJP) said ayurvedic doctors are allowed to practice allopathy in primary health care centres, to which the minister said there is an optional subject of pharmacology in ayurvedic syllabus.

"Those who have studied pharmacology can practice allopathy," he said.
BJP legislator Girish Mahajan said there is an acute shortage of allopathic doctors in rural areas.
Vijay Waddetiwar (Cong) said homeopathic doctors in rural areas treat patients in remote areas and save lives but still have to face legal problems because they are not allowed to practice allopathy.

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