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1.Acon- Tachycardia. Affections of the heart with pain in left shoulder. Stitching pain in chest. Palpitation, with anxiety, fainting, and tingling in fingers. Pulse full, hard; tense and bounding, sometimes intermits. Temporal and carotid arteries felt when sitting.

2.Arnica- It is useful in Heart troubles that have their origin in over-excertion; or strain of the heart from violent exercise. There is preassure under the sternum, with anguish, collapse, dyspnoea, and a small, irregular pulse. There are stitching pains in the cardiac region.

3.Amyle nit.- Used for olfaction in angina. If the angia is attended with high arterial tension , the relaxing effect of this agent gives immediate relief.

4.Cactus –This remedy is indicated in cases that are characterized by congestion, contractions and constrictions an irregular pulse, a feeble hearts action, dyspnoea, with a sensation of weight and oppression in the chest and a feeling of constriction or as of a band about the heart or chest at times there may be a violent hearts action, but this is de3pendent upon atonicity or enervation.

It should be studied when the myocardium is enfeebled, when there is a progressive valvular inefficiency. The pulse is usually irregular or intermittent and patients having plethoric temperament. It is for functional irregularity of the heart from gastric irritation, cigarette smoking, the tobacco heart etc. also in the senile heart when the organic changes are not marked, but the patient complains of a sensation as of a vise-like band about the heart or chest, a feeling of suffocation, faintness, cold perspiration and great fear of an impending danger and oedema of the left hand and foot.

It should be remembered in mitral and aortic regurgitation when the pulse is irregular or intermittent and there is more or less anginal pain, and a sensation of constriction about the cardiac region

5.Cimcifga- There may be angina-pectoris and functional irregularities of the heart from a reflex nerve disturbance.

6.Crataegus-It should be remembered in all cases of failing compensation with dilatation of heart; in fatty heart where it frequently gives relief when digitalis and other cardiac stimulants have failed. The patient is gloomy, despondent, and apprehensive. There is dyspnoea with extreme and irregular breathing (for cardiac asthma) which is < by moving. It is useful in dilatation of the heat, the first hart sound being absent, weak, prolonged or replaced by a murmur; the pulse is accelerated, often intermittent, and irregular. In angina pectoris when there is sudden and terrible pain in left breast, the pain radiating over the heart and down the left arm, accompanied with fear, apprehension. It is also useful in cardiac hypertrophy, palpitation, tachycardia etc.

7.Latroductus Mactans- a specific remedy for angina pectoris.

8.Laurocerasus- Diseases of heart and lungs when there is much coldness, blueness, gasping for breath. The patient puts his hand to the cardiac region.

9.Lillium Tig- it is of service in disturbances of the heart that are reflex to some uterine disturbance, there may be a sensation as if it were grasped by a hand and squeezed, and relaxed gradually, so called “false angina.” Palpitation, irregular pulse, very rapid. Pulsation over whole body. Pain in cardiac region. Angina with pain in right arm.

10.Digitalis- this remedy is a heart stimulant and is indicated when it fails to do its proper amount of work, but should be used with caution if the failure is due to myocardial degeneration. The pulse is irregular or slow and intermittent when the least movement produces violent palpitation of the heart. There is a sensation as if heart will stop if he moved. Anxiety and oppression about heart, with cold, clammy sweat. Digitalis is contra indicated in any strength except the potency in atheroma of blood vessels, in aneurism, in apoplexy, as it increases the blood pressure. It is also dangerous in arterial excitement, fatty and other myocardial degenerations. It is for dilated heart, “tired heart” when its action is irregular, pulse is slow and feeble. For cardiac dropsy.

11.Adonis vernalis( a diuretic)- This remedy is indicated when there is a failing or broken cardiac compensation. The arterial tension is lowered and cardiac dropsy is present., the function of kidneys is interfered. Urine will be scanty, urea is deficient, great dyspnoea , and irregular pulse. It is indicated in cases of mitral and aortic regurgitation when there is pre cordial pain with painful throbbing of the blood-vessels and headache.

It has a sedative action upon heart, relieves the sense of increased intra cardiac preassure, and is useful in interstitial myocarditis, when there is irregularity of hearts action with dyspnoea and dropsy.

The case of aortic regurgitation in which it appears to answer best, are those in which the lesion is due either to a traumatic rupture of the valve, to a chronic aortitis, or where it has arisen indepently of rheumatic endocarditis. Its diuretic action in health is limited, while in disease it influences the oedimatous conditions and produces diuresis, especially when the heart failure is secondary to diseases of the kidneys.

12.Convallaria Majalis- Indicated in organic weakness of the heart with valvular inefficiency, and dropsical infiltration. There may be soreness in the uterine region accompanied by palpitation of the heart.

When heart’s action is rapid, the pulse feeble and irregular both in rhythm and force; with a condition of dropsy is present.

It is of service in rheumatic carditis and endo carditis when there is a sensation as if the heart beat throughout the chest, with extreme orthopnoea, and at times anginal pains. It is of service in cardiac paresis when attended palpitation, in mitral stenosis and insufficiency when accompanied by afailing compensation, resulting in the pulmonary congestion and dyspnoea. It assists in controlling cardiac dilatation with or without hypertrophy. For tobacco heart and from cigarette smoking, also in hearts that have been overstrained.

13.Cup.acet- Recurrent attack of angina, from least exertion and emotional stress.

14. Vanadium- indicated when hearts action is weak, when threr is fatty degeneration of the liver, heart and arterial walls.

15. Sparteine- the remedy is indicated in functional derangements and organic diseases of heart that are attended with marked irregularity of its action, also in feeble hearts that met with in nervous, hysterical individuals. For myocardial degenerations of fatty type. It should be employed if compensation is failing.

It is of service in assisting to establish a compensation where there are valvular lesions. When there is pronounced cardiac weakness with anasarca and a disturbance of the rhythm. It is depends upon dyspepsia and accumulations of gas in the intestinal canal, and there is great mental depression, its action is favorable. In the feeble heart’s action that attends the various pulmonary lesions its action is favorable. 

1. Allium Sat.

2. Strophanthus

3. Rauwolfia.

4. Lycopus

5. Aur met.

6. Aur mur.

7. phyto berry

8. Sumbal

9. Spig.

10. Cardus.

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