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"Modern medical science has overshadowed Homeopathic Medical Science (HMS) that is famous among the public," said Sharma.

Speaking at a function organised on the occasion of 257th anniversary of the founder of the HMS, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), here today, Minister Sharma said the government has been working out on the new policy to run the homeopathic medical science.

Former State Minister for Education and UCPN-Maoist leader, Dharmashila Chapagain claimed that she had taken the initiation to bring new policy to develop the homoeopathic medical technology during her tenure.

Similarly, Nepali Congress leader KB Gurung stressed on giving the additional knowledge about the homeopathic medicine and treatment system.

During the programme, Dr. Binay Kumar Yadav, Vice-chairman of the HMS and secretary Dr. AB Khan demanded to bring new policy to run the Homeopathic medical science.

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