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HOMOEOPATHY FOR ALCOHOLIS:- Alcoholism(Bad effects of)
by  Praveen Maurya




For bad effects of execessive use of alcohol;tremors, delirium and gastric complaints,etc;irritable and nervous patient

Nux vomica.30 or 200

4 hourly

When patient can not digest even small quantity of food without taking alcohol


4 hourly

When patient becomes violent and talkative after prolonged use of alcohol

Cannabis ind.30 or 200

4 hourly

For patients who drink in excess and have many fears in mind.Delirium tremens

Opium 200 or 1M

10 min(3)

Patient becomes intoxicated after consuming small quantity of alcoholic drinks;especially old bachelors

Conium mac.200

6 hourly(6)

Usually constipated,stools hard;patient feels intoxicated with small quantity of alcoholic drinks

Alumina 30

4 hourly

For bad character who are wicked and jealous in nature and talk nonsense even before drinking

Lachesis 30 or 200

6 hourly

Delirium tremens - constant loquacious

Hyoscyamus 30 or 200

10 min(3)

Delirium tremens - inflammatory; rush of blood towards head

Belladonna 30

1/2 hourly

Delirium tremens - maniacal;hallucination,illusions and fear of dark

Stramonium 200 or 1M

10 min(3)

Mental depression and tremors;tries to injure himself

Cimicifuga 30 or 200

1/2 hourly

Alcoholism(To create Aversion)




To create aversion to alcoholic drinks,water causes coldness in the stomach;water must be mixed with liquors


4 hourly

For chronic drunkards with weak heart

Stropanthus Q

4 hourly,10 drops

To take away craving for alcohol

Quercus g-s.Q

4 hourly,30-40 drops

To produce disgust for liquor

Angelica Q

4 hourly, 10 drops

Hereditary tendency(excessive desire)for alcoholic drinks

Syphilinum 1M or 10M


If Angelica Q fails

Camphor Q(SOS)

4 hourly, 5 drops

Desire to take alcoholic drinks instead of water

Arsenic alb 30(SOS)

3 hourly

For weak and nervous persons who are addicted to alcohol

Avena sat.Q

4 hourly,10 - 15 drops

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