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Remedies for kids:- COLIC

by Praveen Maurya


Differentiating Symptoms


Colic with abdominal distension accompanied by regurgitation of liquids. Child attempts bending backwards to relieve pain. Symptoms are better for firm pressure but worse for the slightest touch.

Chamomilla Spasmodic colic pains that come and goes suddenly. Symptoms are better for being carried, and worse for touch and at night and worse for warmth.

Colocynthis Severe colic pains that are worse in the morning, better for pressure and lying face-down and better for bending double, worse for being angry or excited.

Dioscorea Colic with regurgitation or diarrhoea.

Better for bending backwards, stretching or hard pressure and worse for lying down or doubling up.



Differentiating Symptoms


The child tosses and turns and may be kept awake by the fear of nightmares. Symptoms are better for warmth and worse from anxiety, cold wind or cold dry weather

Belladonna Restless sleep due to nightmares or recent weaning, sees dreadful images on closing the eyes and jerks and/ or screams out during sleep. May be accompanied by bed-wetting. Better from a light covering, worse for draughts, light or noise.

Coffea Insomnia from mental overactivity and wakes from the slightest noise. Would rather play than sleep. Often wakes at 3 a.m. Symptoms are better for warmth and worse for cold, noise or


Ignatia Insomnia from grief or worry. Sleeps light and wakes too easily from noises etc with a loud cry and tremors. Jerks limbs on going to sleep and whimpering while asleep



Differentiating Symptoms

Carbo veg Reflux with bloating and belching that arises half an hour after eating. Accompanied by a desire for sweet or salty food, worse at night and when lying down

Nux vom Irritability and reflux with cramping stomach pains, hiccoughs, hunger, flatulence and arching of the back several hours after eating. Worse from pressure of clothes.

Phosphorus Reflux is children who are very hungry and particularly thirsty for cold drinks, but these are regurgitated as soon as they are warmed by the stomach. Better (initially) from cold food or drink and lying on the right side, worse for warm food or drink and worse from touch, weather changes or lying on the left side.

Pulsatilla Reflux with bloating, belching, flatulence and abdominal distension in children who are not thirsty. Better for standing and moving around, worse in the evening and twilight, worse in

warm stuffy rooms and rest.



Differentiating Symptoms

Calc carb

Teething in plump children who may be slow to develop (including dentition) and tire easily.

Worse for cold air or warm food or drink.

Calc phos Teething in irritable and easily bored children who may also have diarrhoea and delayed dentition.

Chamomilla One of the best remedies for teething.

Child is very irritable, wants to be picked up, has diarrhoea and one red cheek, gums are red and tender and child refuses toys, food or drinks. Better for cold drinks and worse for warm food or drink.

Kreosote Teething with restlessness, irritability, constipation and inflamed, spongy gums that bleed easily. Teeth may decay easily. Better for warmth and worse for cold

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  1. The common causes of abdominal distension in children are aerophagia, ascites, abdominal abscess etc..