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Heat Headaches.
by  Faraz Khan 

The heat in summer can be dangerous. Emergency rooms often fill up with patients who did not feel the heat in time. Heat headaches are often the first clue that you are entering the danger zone. Fortunately the homeopathic remedy that matches your heat headache can also help your other systems battle the heat as efficiently as possible.

Although nothing helps as much as an air conditioner and drinking lots of water and electrolyte drinks, here are some helpful clues to homeopathic remedies that can ease your headaches and sunburn issues, plus some hints for immediate non- homeopathic solutions and links to websites that can help you get through a summer heat wave in the best of health.

Hot Weather Homeopathic Remedies

Belladonna - 1 for heat: as soon as the face gets flushed, especially if not perspiring, get this homeopathic remedy out. The full picture of symptoms includes dilated pupils, a throbbing headache, radiating heat with little or no sweat. A cold compress to the head may feel the most soothing.

Bryonia - This headache might not start while on the field, but if a worse-with-motion frontal headache sets in after the game or the next morning, Bryonia is a homeopathic remedy that can save your day.

Ferrum phos - As the anti-inflammatory cell salt, this homeopathic remedy relieves heat related headaches (when temples and vertex throb or ache), plus weakness, fatigue, acute anemia and similar symptoms that the body is over-taxed.

Lachesis - As heat is a part of almost everything about Lachesis, it can be a very cooling homeopathic remedy. Hot flashes, hot sweats, hot heavy headaches and the fatigue that follows heat, all can find help here.

Pulsatilla - Though they love fresh air, and dread stuffy rooms, Pulsatilla people wilt in the sun with pressing 'as if bruised' throbbing headaches.

Headaches 33 - With Belladonna and Aconite for sudden flushes of heat and Bryonia to cover the after effects of heat, this is a very handy homeopathic remedy combination to take along wherever you go.

Fever 7 - Whether the heat comes from your internal furnace or an external source, this cooling homeopathic remedy can be very helpful for cooling off and minimizing the fatigue that usually follows.

Bioplasma or Tonic Tissue E - Make sure you have these homeopathic cell salts on your side whenever you are facing stresses.

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