by  Praveen Maurya 

The smaller joints, such as the hands and feet are those mainly affected. Joints ache and swell and the feet are worse for walking ---ACTAEA SPICATA.

Affected part feels very stiff and sore to the touch. Joints swell, making the over lying skin feel stretched and tight ,swelling is pale , joints become swollen -APIS MELLIFICA

Rheumatism that comes about from exposure to damp and cold with simultaneous muscle strain affected parts feels sore and bruised -ARNICA

Cutting lightning - like pains run along joints. Joints are red, shiny and swollen and pain radiates through them. For rheumatism that is often brought on by getting head and neck wet or sitting with them exposed to a draught -BELLADONNA

Rheumatism in the smaller joints, which develop nodular swellings-BENZOIC ACID.

Acute rheumatism with hot, shiny dark or pale red joints. For pain that is greatly aggravated by movement but that is relieved by external heat -BRYONIA ALBA

Rheumatism that comes on from working in water or damp surroundings, upper back and shoulders are the most affected areas ---CALCAREA CARBONICA

Affected joints feel stiff and tight and lying on them makes them feel sore ,pain is worse from cold and is relieved by warmth ,restlessness at night ,with drawing pains in muscles ,ankles are also weak -CAUSTICUM

Severe almost intolerable pain with compulsion to get up and walk about -CHAMOMILLA

Symptoms mainly in muscles -CIMICIFUGA

Pain is worse in the evenings affected parts are swollen and dark red. Disease moves from joint to joint and typically occurs in debilitated and weak persons --COLCHICUM

Rheumatism is worse in changeable weather, especially in damp cold conditions -DULCAMARA

For chronic cases with distorted and knobby joints. Joints are worse from movement and the tendons around them feel tight -GUAICUM

Pain travels upwards is worse in a warm bed, and affects the smaller joints
Any swelling is slight for conditions where nodules form-LEDUM PAL

Relief from slow, gentle movement -LYCOPODIUM

Rheumatism is in the right shoulder, rheumatism is worse in bed or after walking and better from warmth-MAGNESIA CARBONICA

Pain constantly moves from joint to joint ,worse in the evening and from warmth but relieved by cold , severe pain that leads to compulsion to move about to try to relieve it indigestion is also present -PULSATILLA

Rheumatism is worse when there is a weather or temperature change rheumatism in the chest wall, which feels bruised, although the pain is sharp -RANUNCULUS BULBOSUS

Susceptibility to weather change, particularly cold wintry weather, chronic rheumatism affects the smaller joints, which are worse during rest, the parts involved feel weak -RHODODENDRON.

Muscle stiffness and soreness -prominent body projections are tender -pain is worse on first starting to move ,worse from sitting and rising from a sitting position.Relief from continued movement and warmth. Damp weather and damp swellings aggravate the condition -RHUSTOXICONDENDRON

Soreness and lameness that is similar to a tendon sprain -rheumatism of wrists and ankles is present -RUTA GRAVEOLENS
Acute muscular rheumatism with shifting sharp, stitching pains and soreness and stiffness in muscles, especially back and neck and right shoulder -SANGUINARIA

Chronic, often familial rheumatism, pain is worse at night and from uncovering and is better from warmth, ankle are also weak -SILICIA
Acute and chronic rheumatism, inflammation starts in feet, and then extends up the body. Pain is worse in bed and at night, jerking of the limbs while falling asleep -SULPHUR

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