PLATINUM is a heavy metal and a NOBLE metal . 
As this noble metal cannot easily form a Compound with other substances , the Platina lady cannot mix or mingle with others and she cannot form relationships with other people easily . 
AURUM is the KING , with his high sense of DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY and the PLATINA is the QUEEN , she must carry herself REGALLY , SHOW HERSELF SUPERIOR ; everything about her is RARE , VALUABLE , SPIRITUAL , INTELLECTUAL . “ Delusion , that she is noble ” . She feels big inside ; At the same time , being so special & rare she feels left-out in a world of the ordinary people . So , there is a feeling of Loneliness , of Isolation ; a feeling of being the Queen , yet of being alone .

The PLATINA feeling is of being HUMILIATED , of being crushed-down utterly , as if by some huge power . She has the feeling of being very small , of having to grow really large in order to survive . She believes that this growth depends upon her PERFORMANCE & she pushes herself to reach heights . The expectation felt by Platina is to be SOMETHING SPECIAL - A LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE MUCH ABOVE NORMAL . They are very AMBITIOUS and so “ A/F DECEIVED AMBITION ” . 

There is also a side of PLATINA , that puts-down and holds in CONTEMPT everything that is ordinary . She feels she is intellectual and is Contemptuous about the instinctive part of man which includes GREED , JEALOUSY , ANGER , SEXUALITY . 
The people are HAUGHTY , SELFISH , CONTEMPTUOUS ; FEELING OF BEING BETTER , SMARTER , MORE SPIRITUAL AND SPECIAL THAN OTHERS . There are Delusions that things appear small , she is very tall ; she is of ROYAL BLOOD . Delusion of Superiority , doesn’t belong to her family .

She will be unable to integrate the INTELLECTUAL with the INSTINCTIVE ; She is noble & therefore above the instinctive . But since both are definitely present , the Instinctive side emerges as SEXUALITY , which is an important part of PLATINA , “ MENTAL SYMPTOMS ALTERNATE WITH SEXUAL SYMPTOMS ” . Often the performance in PLATINA is to be expressed through Sexuality . Her power depends on flaunting her Superiority over others . She has the fear that something will happen to her Husband & that he will never return or that he will neglect her . Much of the Performance & Superiority in Platina , has to do with ATTRACTIVENESS to the male . They can use this ( sexuality ) aspect to have things their way .

They are PASSIONATE , HYPER-SEXUAL ; NYMPHOMANIAC ; There is Sexual excess or Perversity , early Masturbation ; Erotic Mania . Megalo-mania alternating with high Sexuality . Fear Husband will be killed , or will abandon her .

The PLATINA woman feels that unless she proves her Nobility and Greatness , people will not come to her & she will be alone . At the same time , she feels Superior and feels there is no place for her in the World , She is rare and doesn’t belong to her Family . She can become contemptuous and CASTS OFF PEOPLE even-though she may not want to - Extremes of behavior ; extreme Haughtiness , Contempt & Superiority or On the other hand extreme Inferiority .

When these persons take-up something they always take it to the extreme . They are very Ambitious & have to prove themselves Superior , Greater than others . If they see no hope of reaching the top or of achieving their Ambitions , they can become Suicidal ; the Contempt can be directed against Herself .

If a Platina woman is in a situation where she is not being given due respect ; she is SCORNED , CRITICIZED , ATTACKED . Her survival depends on saying “ I DON’T CARE WHAT THEY THINK OF ME , THEY ARE BORN LOW & I AM BORN HIGH ” . And from this scorn & persecution comes the feeling of ‘ PRIDE & NOBILITY ’ . 
Once she puts her-self in the Nobleman’s class , She is Isolating Herself & has to prove herself extra-ordinary in order to Survive . 
She is above the ordinary feelings & reactions of the People around Her .

Sometimes , if these people are not being given the chance to be big or superior & super-special , they can go into FANCIES OR IMAGINATIONS of being very Big or Powerful , of rescuing the Planet or Destroying it etc ., 
They may have Sexual Perversions , Including SADOMASOCHISM . Some patients have a tendency to Gluttony . “ Contemptuous , greedy eating , with ” .

Irritability and Anger leading to IMPULSES when frustrated . Impulse to Kill , especially when seeing knife .
Weeping from anger . Phobic state - FEARS death , violence , dogs , Health , Heart diseases , Strokes . Sadness which can look like Aurum . 



HOT Patient . Majority of SYCO-SYPHILITIC diseases . Left sided .

Sensation of a band around affected part ( Anac., Cact ) . 
constriction .

Neuralgic constipation , while traveling .

Neuralgic pains increase & decrease gradually .
The pains cause the patient to really shriek out for aid and demand immediate attention .

Alternation of Mental & Physical symptoms .

Painlessness , coldness of affected parts ( op ) ;
Numbness in spots ( lyc ) .
Neuralgia . Pain alternating with Numbness .

Paralysis ; Bell’s palsy .

Early Masturbation in Children ( Grat., Med., Orig., Staph., ) .
Voluptuous itching of Genitals .
Hypersensitive Genitals , Painful to touch , preventing Coitus or Examination .
Cysts & tumors in Ovaries . < left side .
Malignancies of Uterus , Ovaries , Testes etc., 
Dysmenorrhea , Menses too early , profuse , dark clotted , stringy with painful , bearing-down pain & sensitiveness of the parts .

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