According to 3rd law: Every action has equal and opposite reaction.

Lets try to apply it on human body without giving regard to any medical science in particular. We administer a crude medicinal substance in body and this medicinal substance has some action on the body. E.g. antacids for complaint of acidity, laxatives for constipation, neuro-depressants in Convulsions etc. Here lets see the effect of just one tab, rather than a full course. A single tab immediately and effective reduces acidity, frees bowel movements, and convulsions do not appear until the medicine is acting. However what happens when the effect of this particular medicine is exhausted! We all are aware of the fact that , now the complaint becomes more severe than before. Why has this happened? Simple, allready the disease force was there, but another opposite force acted on it and then our body reacted to it in an equal and opposite manner once the effect of that medicinal substance is over. So, the additional force acted upon by the body is added to the allready existing disease force and therefore the disease actually increases in intensity which is directly propotional to the strength of antacid or laxative given. ALLOPATHS, having never applied philosophy to medical science and working on a materialistic principal alone, think that disease is sever, hence further increase the dose to bring about a control. However, history of so many years is the proof as to how body reacts to such medicines. Initially, the antacid treatment was only for 3 weeks, which now days has become 3months in general. This is being attributed to increased social stress but not to the failure of their own system. Similarly, until few years back, when i got admitted in medical college, that time, average treatment time for convulsions was 1-2 yrs, now minimum is 3yrs, which is generally extended to 6years as convulsions generally appear immediatley after stopping the medicine and whole course is given again!

Let's now apply the same law to diluted medicines and see what this law teaches us here:
A highly diluted med. contains very little medicinal substance, which materialistically can be regarged as negligible. That's true, allmost negligible, but not nil. So when this minimal dose of diluted substance is introduced in body, it has its action; agg. of complaint. Why? Simply because, here we gave a substance of similar nature and hence the disease process is increased. Please observe that the human body force has not yet acted back. Its the diluted medicinal substance acting now. But since the dose is very small, its affect is soon exhausted and now the body reacts to it in equal and opposite manner there by curing the disease. This way neither the medicinal disease, nor the original disease is left in body and person feels well at all levels.

The good part about newton's third law is that it clearly proves that there is some force in body which is acting and Hahnemann, named it so as Vital force. This in itself is a proof that our remedies act and all medical sciences should consider the vitality(VITAL FORCE) of the pt. before treating them.

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