NERVOUS TEMPERAMENT : Some Authors differentiated this Temperament as a separate one ( almost equal to melancholic ) ; Let us discuss brief about it . 
Introvert , Anxious , Pessimistic may take a lot of Undue stress . Lack of confidence , always anxious , Impatience and Hurried . Indecisive , Hesitant , Timid and messy , mere people can never make up their mind , are always Haphazard , Inconsistent and Unpredictable .

MAIN FEATURES : Very Anxious - right from the time of Appointment till they leave ; Always worried and repeatedly ask for trivial ailments ; Very Apprehensive and always have an Anticipatory Anxiety ; May always feel lack of control over their Emotion .

EMOTIONS : Very fearful and cautious ; Always Wants support ; They are easily confused and head everything they look in their eyes always anxious and uncertain .

AT WORK : They are always punctual and get easily distressed from any sudden change in the schedule . They are restless and worry before appointments .

AS A FRIEND : They think about small matters ; They will not allow outings or travel to be enjoyable ; They will constantly dissuade others from doing anything fun-like for fear that it might be too risky and then act as perfect killer toys .

AS A PARENT : Very anxious before children’s exams ; Very edgy about trivial matters and seem to be always on tenter hooks ; Palpable anxiety of home - when any family member is delayed and is not reachable on his mobile .

FUNDAMENTAL DISPOSITION of Nervous Temperament : They always have a great confusion of mind and suffer from lack of self - confidence , high impatient as waiting adds to their anxiety . Absolute hypochondrias and have all types of imaginary fears .
Highly Apprehensive and worried people .
CHARACTER : He is very worried about day to day issues and treats every problem like a matter of life and death . They exhibit excessive mental and physical alertness and often have a rapid pulse . 

EXHIBIT EXCITABILITY : Health is their greatest Wealth and are extremely cautious and worried about slightest fluctuation in their objective health or even their lab results .
They are not in Control of themselves and shows signs of Embarrassments . Especially if they have to express them in a group or voice their opinion .

WEAKNESS : Tremendous anxiety which lowers down their potential , they perform by their fears instead of their capabilities ; 
Very Pessimistic in their approach ; Always look at the problem negatively ; They are Over-protective parents who will not send their Children to Picnics or outings ; Out of their negative vibes , they turn extremely cautious towards their problem ;
Excessively obsessed health and seem to unnecessarily dwell on it ;
Not very good decision makers and can be swayed easily from their resolutions by Authoritative people ;
Cannot take any changes in life easily and will disturb them ;
Unpredictable - their actions are unpredictable .

STRENGTHS : Punctual with appointments ;
Always well prepared before a presentation ;
Very alert while approaching a problem ;
If they are encouraged they would make good speakers .


Anticipatory anxiety ;
Lot of unrealistic fears ;
Cannot take any suspense ;
Will not believe in risky . If it risky then don’t accept ;
Anxiety is expressed in eyes ;
When B.P is checked - systolic rises ;
Hysterical flatulence , hysteria , exaggerated symptoms .

- A/F Anticipation .
- Confidence want of .
- Confusion of mind .
- Starting , started .
- Hurry , haste .
- Impatience .
- Hypochondrias .
- Fears .
- Timidity .
- Restlessness .
- Thoughts - vanishing of .

DRUGS : Arg-nit ., Ars-alb ., Gels .,


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