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Indications for a Few Remedies Useful in Influenza

In the beginning, dry fever – Acon. often repeated.

In the beginning, the coryza being dry – Nux or Sticta.

Excessive dryness of nasal passages – Sticta.

Nose dry at night, damp during day – Nux.

Headache, with dry cough – Nux.

Watery secretions – Cham., Puls., Sulph.

Cough, with wheezing, rattling in the trachea, catarrhal hoarseness, with dryness of the eyelids – Cham.

Young children and nervous irritable persons – Cham.

Patient, mild dispositioned subjects- Puls.

Much sneezing and nightly cough, in horizontal position – Puls.

Mucous discharged is thick – Puls., Sulph., Merc., Bry.

Inflammation, cough, with sharp pain in chest – Bry.

In cases advanced beyond Bry., especially if secretions are profuse, greenish; thick with night sweats – Merc.

Nasal secretions, corrosive – Ars., Merc., Gels., Cepa.

Cough provokes vomiting of food – Ipec., Phos., Bry.

Cough ceases only after vomiting – Kali-bich.

Cough provokes spurting of urine – Caust., Kreos.

Most simple cases will require – Acon., or Bry., Nux., Puls., Ipec., Merc., and Hepar, during stages of expectoration.

Bronchitis fully established – give Ant. -tart.

Great headache – Bell., Stam., Hell., Glon.

Coma – Opium.

Flowing tears corrosive, but nasal flow bland – Euphrasia.

Mucus bloody – Cham., Phos., Puls.

Sneezing predominates – Ammon Phos., Cepa., Sab.

Sharp frontal headache – Bry., Nux.

Suborbital pain – Sang., Sulph.

Laryngeal coughing – Spongia, Caust., Bell., Phos., Hepar.

Cough thick, nausea – Ipecac.

Difficult expectoration – Kali bich.

Greenish expectoration, night sweats – Merc.

Pneumonia is threatened – Ant-tart.

Dry bronchial cough – Bell., Nux.

Night cough – Cham., Pals.

Expectoration bloody – Phos., Dros.

Haemoptysis – Acon., Bell., Ipecac.

Cough worse after eating – Nux.

Cough worse after inspiring cold air – Rumex.

Cough worse after entering house – Verat.

Dry cough, with dyspnoea – Bell.

Dyspnoea severe – Ipec., Phos.

Snoring respiration, can’t expectorate – Ant tart.

Cough provokes vomiting – Dros.

Diarrhoea with vomiting, epidemic form, Verat., Ars., Carbo. veg., China.

If weakness predominates, with periodicity, Acon, next Ars.

Pains, loins, limbs, neck – Eup. perfol.

Red turgessent face – Bell.

Rheumatic cases – Bell. Rhododendron, Bry., Rhus., Ruta.

Pain in left thorax – Ranun-bulb.

Pneumonia cases – Bry., Phos., Ant. tart.

Resolution tardy – Strych., Phos., Ant. Sulphuratum.

Pleuritic form of lagrippe – Canth, Bry., Sulph

B. H. Lawson , M.D.- In Medical Counselor- Reported in Hahnemannian Advocate 1902

First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homeopathic Remedies. – H. R. Arndt, M. D.

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