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by Rakesh Sharma 

In the Natrum element marked desire to form and maintain a RELATIONSHIP and especially a one to one . And the relationship a Natrum seeks is not one of dependence or support like a Calcarea , Baryta or Magnesia . The Natrum does not need many but just one person and is therefore very much dependent emotionally on that relationship ; without which the person feels very much Isolated and therefore very insecure . It is this tremendous need and dependency on that relationship that makes a Natrum patient very VULNERABLE TO HURT . Out of this vulnerability they develop a fear of people and tries to avoid contact .

The general state of MENTAL DEPRESSION and GLOOMINESS , characterizes the Natrum group . It seems as if they almost delight in making themselves and others Miserable by looking on the dark side , by their strong AVERSION TO CONSOLATION .

The Natrums are surely much more reactive than Magnesiums , Calcareas etc ., they respond with great SENSITIVITY ; especially to the feelings of others and also on what others say and think about them .

They are GLOOMY , MELANCHOLIC and PESSIMISTIC . They keep their problems inside , they are CLOSED and do not feel like talking about it , they are INTROVERTED and thus carry the burden of their SADNESS alone . They hide their GRIEF from the outside world ; they feel that they have lost the faith that things could become all right again and will not put any effort into regaining what they have lost . They can also have the feeling that it is forbidden to be happy .

Natrums are generally very Sensitive , easily hurt ; very Emotional , but they SUPPRESS their emotions and feel or brood about them inside particularly when they are alone ; Weeping tendency , but weeps only when alone ; They don’t want to hurt others and at the same they avoid being hurt , so want to be away from people . And the same time they are somewhat Egotist and so they dislike Consolation .

Sensitive to external Senses like MUSIC , NOISE , SUN etc ., They are SERIOUS , RESERVED , INDISPOSED TO TALK , Aversion to the society ; HATRED of persons who have offended them . They always DWELLS on unpleasant memories and even sometimes find pleasure in that . Generally they are FAMILY oriented and wants to be with their family and aversion to Strangers . Majority of Natrums are DILIGENT except Natrum-mur .
Natrums are opposite of Kali’s when comparing with Family attachment ; kali is an escapist , if at all any problem comes it is the first to go and escape . A Natrum is a Care-taker of family if situation demands , She will Sacrifice herself for the sake of Family , mainly for their Children .

Natrum is somewhat similar to Magnesium , but in Natrum the Sadness , Emotion or Grief will be SUPPRESSED , it will not Show but it will be there in the mind and when-ever he is alone he broods about it ; Where as the Magnesiums will be having REPRESSION , they accept it and feel for a moment and just forgets , they don’t brood about it and more over they like to be with company but at the same time they are also introverts about their personal matters .

All Natrums are SENSITIVE to the Sun and generally there is an aversion to Milk or Milk products , generally they are lean with Narrow neck except Nat-carb , who are generally Obese .

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