MELANCHOLIC TEMPERAMENT :- A person who is a thoughtful Ponderer has a melancholic disposition . Often very kind and considerate ; Melancholic , can be highly CREATIVE - as in Poetry and Art , but also can become overly preoccupied with the tragedy & cruelty in the world , thus becoming DEPRESSED . A melancholic is also often a ‘ PERFECTIONIST ’ , being very particular about what they want and how they want it in some cases . This often results in being dissatisfied with one’s own artistic or creative works and always pointing out to themselves what could and should be improved . They are often LONERS and most times choose to stay alone and reflect .
People serious for purpose , dedicated to order and organization . APPRECIATIVE OF BEAUTY AND INTELLIGENCE . They are CREATIVE , CONSCIENTIOUS , FASTIDIOUS to all thorough . All men of genius , like writers , artists and musicians . They are very faithful and perfectionist extremely TALENTED and persistent .
The Nervous melancholic temperament usually has a cool , dry , thin body with pipe stem bones , little flesh ; a grey , ashy complexion , and are intelligent & sophisticated , yet prone to be pensiveness , restlessness or depression .

EMOTIONS : Deep thinkers and thoughtful people , will not forget anything bad happened to them and just can’t get over them . Sensitive , compassionate and considerate to others , they are SELF -SACRIFICING and go a long way to keep others happy . IDEALISTIC , Poetic & Philosophical , serious & purposeful people .

AT WORK : They are orderly and ORGANIZED . They want everything well planned , if not they become impatient , they are economical and schedule oriented , very fastidious and detail , conscious intense DEDICATION and passion . They cannot really delegate work and as a result very little work is done and you cannot scale huge heights . These people are self motivated and do not respond to the promise of reward nor the threat of punishment .

AS A FRIEND : Very FAITHFUL , very devoted and seek an ideal mate . Contented with the friendship of a single person . Very guarded about that friendship out of fear of being hurt . Deep concern about others , they are excellent counselors try to solve others problems .
He is an INTROVERT , they are very selective about whom they are socialize with . Easily moved to tears with compassion . They are loyal and faithful friends , If they make a promise they will keep it , they will keep a secret till the grave . They are self-sacrificing for the people whom they are very close with and mankind as a whole .

AS A PARENT : Set very high standards for their children , encourage the talent in their children ; Keep the home in very good order as they are fastidious , SACRIFICE A LOT FOR FAMILY MEMBERS ; Family oriented , closely bonded to individuals to in a family unit ; They can be exclusive , quiet people , who never talk to children but family relationship is important ; They are emotionally guarded people , they will not communicate their feelings ; A melancholic say , I LOVE YOU BY BEING DEPENDABLE AND RESPONSIBLE AND NOT IN PHYSICAL TERMS SUCH AS HUGGING , TOUCHING OR HOLDING .
They are Romantically oriented but not demonstrative , lies in the thought than in action . The loss of a deep relationship is very devastating .
RESERVED : He does not feel at home among a crowd . For any length of time he loves silence and solitude . In a company he is always distracted because he is absorbed in his own thoughts .
Serious conception of Life : The person always looks at life from the serious side .

INCLINATION TO PASSIVITY : Passive temperament , it is difficult to move him to quick action because of inactivity & slowness . Its main sphere of action is on the Nerves , Lung & Spleen .

WEAKNESS : INEXPRESSIVENESS ; Very reserved ; Difficulty to form new acquaintances and speaks little among strangers ; He reveals his feelings to those whom he trusts most ; He feels great relief by expressing his sad , depressing thoughts to a person who sympathizes to them ; He has to consider and reconsider everything until he has founded a calm and safe judgment .
He does not seek honor or recognition he loathes to appear in public and to be praised - but afraid of humiliation and disgrace . He is very much REFINED to give the impression of modesty and humility in reality he retires only because he is afraid of being to put to shame . He has very few friends , because very few understand him and because he takes few into his confidence .

PATHOLOGICAL FASTIDIOUSNESS : He gets angry and proceed by disorder or injustice .

UNFORGIVING NATURE and Lack of Assertiveness : Hardly forgive offences , first offence he ignores but renewed offences penetrate deeply into the soul and can hardly be forgotten , strong aversion towards them and can hardly see these persons without new excitement , he does not want to speak to them and is exasperated by the very thought of them . They are unable to discuss things with others , therefore they swallow grief and permit many disorders to creep in .

STRENGTHS : Good counselor in difficulties , great sympathy to his fellow men , strong sense of responsibility .

- A / F Grief .
- Conscientious about trifles .
- Sentimental .
- Fastidious .
- Brooding .
- Industrious .
- Company aversion to .
- Mildness .
- Sympathetic .
- Hypochondrias .
- Suicidal tendency .
- Thoughts - thoughtful .

DRUGS : Aur-m ., Ign ., Nat-m .

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