In the book of “ CHRONIC DISEASES ” , DR . HAHNEMANN has mentioned about his Invention and the Great discovery of the CHRONIC MIASMS and He felt this was his greatest discovery ever . 

In the initial days during his HOMOEO Practice ; In acute diseases he was very much successful and happy , but regarding with the Chronic diseases he was not at all happy , because initially the patient looking to be improving but after some time the problem is going to recur again and again without any permanent solution in majority of cases ; He was wondered why this is happening , and if this is the result with our medicines then what is the difference between the Allopathic treatment and our Holistic treatment . So , he was so much disappointed with this and started investigating again about all the cases which were not Cured properly ( Why it was not cured ) and also which were Cured perfectly ( How this disease has cured ) ; Then , after experimenting and researching for about 11 to 12 yrs he came to understand that there is something ( Key-stone ) which is disturbing and something deep inside , which is making the disease becoming Incurable and Chronic ; He worked for 12 long years with Incessant thoughts , Tireless investigations , Accurate observations , Careful Experiments and also Uninterrupted Meditation . Then only he discovered about the CHRONIC - MIASMS and he said that “ this Invention and Discovery of Miasms is much more greater ( important ) than the Discovery of LAW OF SIMILIMUM because without this ( Miasms ) the HOMOEOPATHY remains Defective or Imperfect ” ; DR.HAHNEMANN mentioned this in a letter to Dr . Friederich Golthelf Baumgastner . 

So , according to our GREAT MASTER - “ Without considering the MIASM in the treatment of Chronic diseases , we can’t treat the patient HOLISTICALLY and also WHOLISTICALLY ” . Allopath depends upon the Investigations to diagnose and treat the patient , we also need the Investigations to know the Pathology for understanding the stage of the disease , that means the MIASM in action ; We have to select the Remedy that covers not only the Mental and General Constitution , but also the MIASM underlying . If we know the MIASMS , we can understand easily which symptoms to give importance to . 

There are only 3 MIASMS , and there is no other Miasm but they can exist independently or in combination with one or both the miasms . We have only PSORIC DISEASES , PSORO-SYCOTIC DISEASES , PSORO-SYPHILITIC DISEASES , SYCO-SYPHILITIC DISEASES N PSORO-SYCO-SYPHILITIC Or we can say TRI-MIASMATIC diseases . According to our Master , there are only 2 diseases ‘ ACUTE AND CHRONIC DISEASES ’ ( Aph- 72 ) . Acute diseases are those , which come suddenly , last for a short time and either end in death or recovery ; and Chronic diseases are those , which go on and on and finally end in the destruction of the person . Generally they follow an order like , first INFLAMMATION , followed by INDURATION and lastly DESTRUCTION . That means first PSORA , then SYCOSIS and finally SYPHILIS . Dr . HAHNEMANN mentioned clearly about this in Aph – 74 & 78 . 

THE BASIC UNIT OF LIFE IS CELL and it has 3 definite functions to perform - they are , the 1st function is -Respiration , Food and with the help of Oxygen ( O2 ) & Carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) give rise to ENERGY TO LIVE and PERFORM daily duties ( ORGANIZATION ) , then the 2nd . function is of REPRODUCTION or MULTIPLICATION by mitosis ( 1 : 2 ) and the 3rd is the DEFENSE MECHANISM to protect the Organism to survive from Hostile forces . So , according to INDIAN MYTHOLOGY the GOD stands for Generator , Organizer and Destroyer and the TRINITY - BRAHMA , VISHNU and MAHESHWARA , will also resemble the MIASMS . 

So PSORA is something , which is going on and on like a CYCLE , it is a Constant process . If there is a BREECH or GROOVE in this continuity or Cycle then it leads to problem in ORGANIZATION and we get the PSORIC disorders , that means the problems in Normal Functions & Systems involved in Generating Energy to Live , the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM , CARDIO-VASCULAR SYSTEM , EXCRETORY SYSTEM and the SKIN etc ., If we are not Supplied with Nutrition , then the body is going to Convert the Proteins , Carbohydrates and Fats from the Cell and prepares Energy for Survival , So the body becomes Marasmic . The TOXINS have to be thrown out from our body , If not , we become ill and suffer from the Toxic effects ; So , these 3 functions of TAKING FOOD & AIR FOR METABOLISM and GENERATING ENERGY and THROWING OUT OF THE TOXINS ( excretion ) are Continues and it is what we call as the ORGANIZATION .

The DISORDER in the function of REPRODUCTION is SYCOSIS . So , instead of MULTIPLYING with 1 : 2 ratio , the Cells multiply with 1 : 4 , 1 : 6 , 1 : 8 , 1 : 10 etc ., so too many Cells are formed and forms the Tumors , Warts , Fibroids etc., and also sometimes the Cells may multiply with a ratio of 1 : 1 , and here the production will be less , this is also due to SYCOSIS and we call it as the SYCOSIS SHALLOW or HYPO-SYCOSIS . So , whether it is an under construction or over construction it is the SYCOTIC tendency . 

Whenever there is DISORDER in the DEFENSIVE MECHANISM , there is DESTRUCTION , this corresponds to the SYPHILITIC MIASM . Everything in this World wants to Live and to defend . During this defense it sacrifices something .

Any disorder of the CELL is due to its FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL . An INFLAMMATION is also a DEFENSE MECHANISM . So , every Cell when attacked , wants to live and defend itself against the Hostile force or process , and when they start defending for survival then only the DISEASE arises . So , during this Defense Mechanism the Cell or the Organism SACRIFICES something depends on the severity of the Hostile forces and the Strength of the Organism . 
Some Cells defend themselves by SACRIFICING their RESPIRATORY or NUTRITIONAL FUNCTION ; Some Cells defend by Sacrificing or making changes and adapting their REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM . And some Cells defend by bringing about DESTRUCTION of some part or a whole system .


If somebody is attacked ( by bacteria , virus etc., ) by anybody , he starts reacting to the attack and the reaction depends on the person . If he will try to escape , takes only small steps which are not basically structural , but only physiological or physical , this will bring out some biochemical changes in the Cell and it sacrifices the Nutritional or the Oxygenation function thereby giving rise to INFLAMMATION , HYPERSENSITIVITY or IRRITABILITY to bring the PSORIC defense . When these Bacteria or Viruses go on attacking the Cell or organism and nothing is going to change , then the organism puts a pad or a thick shield or covering so that he is protected , Here the Cell starts feeling danger to its Life despite of the PHYSIOLOGICAL CHANGES . So it shifts its gear at the genetic level & Secondary effects now evolve , so STRUCTURAL or MORPHOLOGICAL changes occurs , it becomes HARD and INDURATED or MORTIFIED by multiplication and it is called the SYCOTIC defense . And if the attack is still continues then the Organism goes into DESTROYING that particular part of the body or organ to protect other important parts or Organs or Life and the SYPHILITIC defense is started . Here we can take the example of the SHOE BITE , first time in Shoe bite it leads to INFLAMMATIOIN , then Redness and Tenderness will start , once this becomes continues then the Skin over it gets hardened like a CORN and if the person still continues to wear the same Shoes , then it ruptures and an ULCER will form . 

So , this MORPHOLOGICAL CHANGE is mainly CONSTRUCTIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE , The Constructive ( SYCOSIS ) is again of OVER Constructive or UNDER Constructive ( SYCOSIS EXCESS and SYCOSIS SHALLOW ) . The Obesity , Warts , Skin tags , Edema , Fibroids , Atherosclerosis , Indurations , Hyper pigmentation , Diabetes & Keloids etc ., are some examples for Over – constructive SYCOSIS and Hypo pigmentation , Dwarfism , Atrophic condition of any part or Organ , Hypothyroidism , Hypotension etc ., are some examples for the SHALLOW SYCOSIS . So , Constriction and Prolapse , both are SYCOTIC . 

Then coming to the DESTRUCTIVE type of Morphological change , that is the SYPHILITIC MIASM , is again of 2 types the APOPTOSIS and the NECROSIS . The APOPTOSIS TYPE - here the Cell goes on killing itself , Destruction of Self - Some Genetic change takes place in the Cell where the Genetic code changes for Self-destruction , here we can take the AURUM MET as the example , And the NECROTIC type of SYPHILITIC tendency is that of the body tries to cut off the particular part of the body which is diseased like in the GANGRENE . So , here the main aim is to destroy others for their Survival . Drugs like MERC ., ANAC ., and FLOUR-AC ., etc ., are some examples for the Necrotic type , we have to understand and differentiate these Miasmatic tendencies . 

So , Change of gear of Defense from PSORA to SYCOSIS to SYPHILIS is a Rule of Nature . These 3 defenses we can apply to every and any Living thing in this Universe .



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