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Homeopathic remedies for disorders of lactation:

Belladonna- Inflammation of breasts, pain which goes from centre to circumference. Breasts are hard like stone and tender. Face is flushed, pupils dilated. Skin hot and dry.

Calc carb- Secretion of watery milk with fever, excessive perspiration, and weakness. Sensitive to cold; Lack of energy to secrete milk; intolerance of milk in infants due to mothers problem; Hot swelling of breast; with anxiety and fear in mother.

Lac caninum- It is mainly used to dry up milk. Indications are: excessive milk production; erratic pains in breasts which alternate sides; mastitis; etc.

Lac defloratum: A very useful remedy to start milk production.

Phytolacca decandra: Excessive flow of milk while nursing; nipples are very sensitive due to pain; nipples excoriated and fissured; etc.

Phellandrium: Pain in milk ducts and in nipples; intolerable while nursing.

Pulsatilla: Women who have little milk and of mild tearful nature; pain in breasts which changes from place to place; after weaning, breast swell, feel stretched and tense and are sore; milk continues to flow.

Silicea: feeding becomes difficult due to retracted nipples; inflammation of breasts with bad taste of milk or suppression of milk; child refuses to nurse or if it does it vomits; etc.

Calc phos: The taste of milk is salty due to which child refuses to take the milk

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