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Arsenic is a common toxin found in groundwater throughout the world. In some areas, it’s a serious problem resulting in severe health problems for the native population. India and Bangladesh are particularly hard hit. Because of rampant industrialization, it’s unlikely that the problem will be reversed. People are doomed to drinking toxic arsenic-laden water with predictable health effects.
                         Bengal Allen Medicine from Calcutta, by Gina Tyler
However, a study published in the journal of Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine documents a probable and inexpensive method to clear the poison from people’s bodies. Homeopaths sometimes treat poisons by giving the patient a diluted and potentized version of the original toxin. Therefore, the authors of the study (doi:  10.1093/ecam/neh124) tested Arsenicum album potentized to homeopathic 30C on arsenic-poisoned people.

The medicine used in the study was diluted to the point where no atoms of the original substance are likely to exist in the final product. The authors acknowledge that the means of action is unknown. Nonetheless, if biological changes occur as a result of a homeopathic medicine’s application, it would be pure hubris to claim it didn’t happen simply because we don’t know the mechanism behind it.

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