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clinical tips by Faraz Khan

Pulsatila 3X keeps the kidney in working condition by lowering the increased level of blood urea and cretinine.tested by me on several occasions where there is a threat of kidney failure. It produces far better results than any other remedy

Argentum Nitricum is a wonder ful remedy for nervous patients who tends to get frighten soon

In cervical spondylysis Rtx.2oo and Calc.phos 2oo r magical remedies in restoring the patient to normal life

Bell and merc.sol r helpful in upper respiratory tract infection

Bryonia 1M if given earlier in appendisitis can remove the infection in no time

Ignatia 2oo minimizes the flow of worried thoughts try it!

In severe constipation where patient fears as if his rectum would burst due to large and hard stool repeated doses of Apis 2oo does well
In fevers between May and june Pulsatilla 30 and Gelsimium 3o does well

Bryonia 30 and Baptasia 30 r the good remedies for fever that happens during March April season most of the patients carry the symptoms of these two remedies

Colchicum 200 acts a wonderful job in small joint pains

Lathyrus sativa 200 produces good effect in Polio Mylitis condition

Cholestrinum 3X not only expels stone in gall blader but also lowers increased level of cholesterol

Robinia 3o does a marvellous job in hyperacidity

Thuja 2oo one dose after every fourth day gives good results in treating AlopeciaUsnea barbata Q for severe headache when well selected remedies fails

Crategus Q and Arjuna Q for heart related problems

Cantherix 3X for burning while urination

Radium 30 one dose usually lowers severe hypertension

Sulphur 6 for dry itch that is aggravated during night

Belladona 30 cures epistaxis in summer season

Alose 30 cures loose motion

Hydrastis 30 cure boils in mouth

Sabal serrulat 3X cures prostitis

Colocynth IM cures kidney pain and expels stone

Kurchi Q acts a good job in any kind of dysentry

In the acute attack it acts better in low potencies; the higher being given in the more chronic states. Especially suited to corpulent people and to malarial cases; cases worse in rainy weather. Has saved cases in which suffocation was threatened by great accumulation of mucus. In cases of bronchitis and phthisis where there is much dyspnoea. –
The best remedy for Common cold,in a half filled cup take kali mur 6x,cal-sulph 6x,cal-flour 6x,nat-sulph-6x,kal-phos 6x and cal-phos 6x,mix it thoroughly and take 2spoons every 2 hour :

acetanalidum in 30th potency is almost a homoeopathic sedative,good for sleep :

Nux In 200 potency every 5th day helps a to reduce the irritability in elders who are stationed home due to old age.

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