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Incontinence of Urine -Wetting the Bed

Often indicated remedies: Bell., Gels – (in the aged);

Caust., Canth., Nux V., Phos acid – ( alkaline urine, and in hysterical individuals)

Podoph., Calc.-C, Ac-Nit. ,Opi., Lyc, Ac.-Benz – (high-coloured and strong -smelling urine)

Cin. or Spig – (from worms)

Acon., Canth., or Cham, (in children, with uneasiness in micturating).

Gelseminum – Relaxed or paralytic condition of the sphincter of the bladder, leading to involuntary urination night and day.

The Homeopathic Vade Mecum of Modern Medicine and Surgery – Ruddock MD

Aconite and Opium faint only when frightened.

Pulsatilla faints when placed in a closed space without ventilation

Sulphur and Phosphorus faint from hunger around 11am.

Alumina faints when compelled to stand.

Conium, Podophyllum and Sulphur faint at stool.

Alumina faints at the sight of blood (also nux v, nux m. and verat a.)

Stramonium faints in dark places.

A Study of Materia Medica and Repertory – Dr. N.M.Choudhuri / Homeopathic Medical Repertory – R. Murphy ND

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