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Alopecia – Falling of Hair
ACID PHOS: Hair thins early, greying early, due to shock. Falling of hair from depressing emotions. 200C, 1M.

ANTIMONIUM CRUD : Alopecia due to nervous headache. Teasing itching in the head.200C

AURUM MET: Alopecia due to syphilis. 200C.

BARYTA CARB: Baldness on vertex of young. 200C.

BRYONIA : For very greasy hair. 200C.

CANTHARIS: Falling out of hair in bunches. 200C.

FLUORIC ACID : Hair falling in big and small patches. The new hair is dry and breaks off. 200C.

GERANIUM MAC: Hair restorer especially in cases where there is history of Eczema Capitis or Scabs in the scalp. Q-10 drops, massage into the scalp, at bed time, to be continued for 3-6 months.

HELLEBORUS: Hair falling (on the head and on the whole body) eyelashes and from labia. Pricking pain on the scalp. 200C.

KALI CARB : Falling off, with dryness of hair. 200C.

JABORANDI: Hair restorer. In a number of patients who have had white/blonde hair, have turned black with this medicine (Clarke). (P.210, Hahnemann Gleaning, May 1972). Dryness of the scalp .Q-10 drops, massage into the scalp, at bed time, to be continued for 3-6 months.

MANCINELLA : Alopecia after severe acute disease. 200C

NITRIC ACID: Falling of hair with humid eruptions, scalp sensitive. 200C

PLUMBUM MET: Alopecia of cheek, moustache. Hair very dry. 200C

THALLIUM ACETICUM : Alopecia following acute, exhausting diseases; after Chemotherapy or Hormone therapy. 30C, 200C.

THUJA : White scaly dandruff, hair falling off or grows slowly and splits; after effects suppressed or maltreated gonorrhea. 200C

WEISBADEN : For grey hair – has caused hair to grow rapidly and turn darker. Formerly soft, becomes hard and brittle.200C

VINCA MINOR : Bald spots from violent scalp itching. 200C

ZINCUM METALLICUM: Falling of pubic hair. 200C.

HAIR FALLING IN SPOTS: Apis, Ars, Calc, Calc-ph, Carb-an., Merc, Hep, Phos, Psor.

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