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National Policy on Indian Systems of Medicine & Homoeopathy-2002
National Health Policy, 1983, refers to our rich, centuries – old heritage  of   medical     and    health    sciences.     The     Policy    outlines    that  although     vast  infrastructure       is   available      in   the    Indian     Systems       of   Medicine       and Homoeopathy  for   addressing      health    care   of  our   people,     they   are   under utilized.   The Policy suggested that it was necessary to initiate measures to enable each of these various systems of medicine and health care to develop in   accordance with   its   genius.      Simultaneously,   planned   efforts   should   be made   to   integrate   their   services,   at   the   appropriate   levels,   within   specified areas   of   responsibility   and   functioning   in   the   over   all   health   care   delivery systems,   specially   in   regard   to   the   preventive,   promotive   and   public   health objectives.       The     Policy    emphasized       the   need     for  a   meaningful      phased integration of Indian Systems of Medicines with the modern medicines,  and also outlined the need to   secure   complete   integration   of   all   plans for  health and   human   development,   particularly   agriculture   and   food   products,   rural  development,         education      and    social   welfare,     housing,     water    supply     and sanitation.
 In   many     places,    the   Indian    Systems  of  Medicine  &   Homoeopathy continue  to  be   widely     used     due     to  their   accessibility,    and    sometimes, because they offer the only kind of medicine within the physical and financial reach   of   the   patient.   The   Indian   medicine   system   is   also   embedded   in   the beliefs   of   a   wide   section   of   the   public   and   continues   to   be   an   integral   and important part of their lives and for some, it is also a way of life.

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