MAGNESIA PHOSPHORICA

Said Mrs Brown to Mrs Gamp
"My principal complaint is cramp
"Which binds me tight as any fetter -
"Hot applications make it better."
Said Mrs Gamp: "I'm always turning
"To Arsenic for pain that's burning."
"No good to me", said Mrs Brown
"You see it's cramp that gets me down.
"It seems to make my stomach swell,
"I'm troubled with my nerves as well,
"And Membranous Dysmenorrhea.
"(When young they say I had Chorea).
"The windy spasms, that's my trouble
"The colic seems to bend me double."
Said Dr Jones, who'd heard this tale
"I've got a cure that will avail
"And make your symptoms feel much easier
"Here! Take this Phosphate of Magnesia."

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