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INSOMNIA isn’t just an overnight concern. A study in the journal Sleep concluded that people who have a sleep debt are far less productive during daytime work hours. “INSOMNIA IS ASSOCIATED WITH SUBSTANTIAL WORKPLACE COSTS,” states the study based on surveys.


“Without sleep, your brain’s energy potential not only becomes depleted, but it doesn’t get a chance to shut down for repair,” says Amanda Carlson-Phillips, vice president of nutrition and research at Core Performance. Meaning, insomnia drains your body of energy and efficiency, both mentally and physically. What’s more, “sleep debt will make you feel hungrier, less full and actually decrease the calories you need each day,” adds Carlson-Phillips. So it can lead to weight gain.


Q. : Give indications for Ambra in sleeplessness.
A. : Sleeplessness due to worry about business matters, with spasms and twitching of the muscles, especially in thin, spare, nervous men.
Q. : Give the indications for Chamomilla in the sleeplessness of children.
A. : They start during sleep, the muscles of the hands and face twitch ; there may be colic ; and the face, especially one cheek, is red.
Q. : What should be given if in addition there is delirium ?
A. : Belladonna.
Q. : When is Ignatia called for in Insomnia ?
A. : Where hyperemia of the brain is brought on by depressing emotion such as grip.
Q. : Give symptoms of Cypripedium in sleeplessness.
A. : Children awake at night and are lively and full of play.
It indicates impending cerebral trouble.
Q. : What is the sleeplessness calling for Coffea ?
A. : It is where the patient is quiet and sleepless, where the senses are all acute, hears distant noises with great distinctness, the mind is active with plans and fancies, and the next day the patient is tremulous ; also where hyper-aesthesia of the skin keeps him awake.
Q. : What action has Ferrum phosphoricum on sleep ?
A. : In low potencies it has been found to cause sleeplessness, and in higher potencies it has been used with success in sleeplessness, especially when caused by a hyperaemic condition of the brain.
Q. : Give the indications of Hyoscyamus in sleeplessness in children.
A. : They twitch and scream out in the sleep as if frightened, the brain is full of bewildering images.
Q. : Give the sleep symptoms of Nux vomica.
A. : Sleepy in the evening, falls asleep in his chair, and falls asleep immediately on going to bed ; wakes an hour or so before daybreak ; dozes off again and awakes more tired than he was before going to bed, and with a headache.
Insomnia from abuse of stimulants.
Q. : How does Pulsatilla compare ?
A. : The Pulsatilla patient is wide awake in the evening, but the sleep is sound and the patient awakes languid, or else there is restless sleep with troubled dreams.
Q. : What is characteristic about the sleep of Sulphur ?
A. : The patient sleeps in " cat naps ;" the slightest noise awakens, and there is great difficulty in falling asleep again.
Q. : What is the sleeplessness of Cocculus ?
A. : From pure mental activity slight loss of sleep causes sickness.
Q. : What is the sleeplessness of Gelsemium ?
A. : Patients are dull and stupid, seem on the verge of slumber, but unable to sleep.
Nervous system exhausted.

(From Essentials of Homeopathic Therapeutics By Pr Willis Alonzo Dewey)

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