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by DrShamim Bano
Freckles are skin conditions in which the flat, round spots of melanin appears on the human skin in people who have fair skin .Freckles are irregular flat spots that develop randomly on the skin particularly on the checks. They vary in color but are always darker than the normal skin around them.
The constant exposure to sunlight is responsible for causing freckles. These melanin spots develop randomly on any parts of the skin .These spots can be brown, yellow, red, tan or black in colors .During summer time one can easily see people suffering with freckles .This skin condition is present in both men & women . Those who have fair complexion and red or light colored hair are more prone to get freckles.

1) Ephelides : 
These are flat red or brown in color appear in summer season & look fainter in the winter season.
2) Lentigines:
These are small in size & can be tan, brown or black in color. These freckles will not become fainter in winter. This is also a genetic condition.

1- Hormonal imbalance can also cause freckles
2- Freckles are influenced by genetic factor also.
3- Exposure of skin to sun is one of the main causes of developing freckles .Freckles will fade when sun exposure is reduced.
4- The freckles can also be a warning sign of skin cancer.
5- Hormones abnormalities can cause freckles, since estrogen over stimulate pigment producing cells, causing them to generate excess color when exposed to sun light.

Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed on the basis of totality of the patients so always consult a Homoeopathic physician before starting some Homoeopathic Medicine for freckles.

Ammonium carb , Antim crud , Calc carb , Dulcamara , Sepia , Pulsatilla , Nitric acid , & Nat mur etc……

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