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Below is list of some homeopathic remedies. Take each one with 6c strength, 3 times daily up to 14 days. If you doesn't see any improvement by using this, then consult a homeopath.

 •Sepia: If you have a moist, greasy scalp, and is sensitive around the hair roots then sepia is preffered.

 •Graphites: If you have a encrusted, moist, smelly scalp, and crusting behind ears then graphites is recommended.

 •Arsenicum: It is prefered when you have a dry, sensitive, hot scalp and is very itchy at night, also round bare patches of scalp showing through hair.

 •Natrum mur: It is preferred when you have lank and greasy hair with crusting around the hairline.

 •Sulphur: If you have a thick dandruff and the scalp becomes dry after washing. Wants to scratch at night which leads to scalp burning then sulphur is helpful over it.

 •Thuja is good for the person who is cooler and calmer, and who likes settling down under a thick comforter. If Sulfur doesn't clear the condition, take one dose of Thuja 30x or 9c twice daily for two days.
 If neither of the above homeopathic remedies seems to fit, consult a homeopathic physician for a constitutional remedy. •Dandruff: It provides medical information about dandruff disease including causes, symptoms, etc.

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