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This CME programme is sponsored by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
Department of AYUSH, Govt of India

Three Days (consecutive three working days) Continuing Medical Education Programme (CME) for
Medical Officers of PHC/CHCor institution under Dept of AYUSH to be held at the National Institute
of Homoeopathy

The National Institute of Homoeopathy shall be organising the  Continuing Medical education
Programme (CME) as per enclosed schedule as approved by the Department of AYUSH, Government of India. Full time medical officers of a recognized Institute/College/Hospital/Dispensary are  eligible for attending the programme. The medical officers approaching the age of superannuation i.e. 60 years are not eligible. The institute shall pay the TA  up to 2ndAC train fare at the end of the programme on production of the Original ticket and subject to full attendance. In case of non-production of ticket the trainee is eligible for 2
nd Class sleeper train fare by the shortest route.

The trainee of North east region for any CME are eligible to travel by air (Air India only) upto Kolkata or
Guwahati (whichsoever the shortest route) and from there to the palace of programme by 2 Tier A/C. they shall submit the boarding pass in original with tickets.

No taxi fare /conveyance will be borne by the Institute except from the working institute to the nearest
railway station by bus of Govt. service/ pre-paid taxi (on production of Original bill/ ticket), in case the distance is not covered by rail.

During the journey by train/bus, the actual expenditure for the food and water will be reimbursed only on
production of the original bill issued by railway/bus caterer which will be restricted to Rs. 200/day for the journey exceeding more than one night.Lodging & boarding remuneration will not be paid to the trainee. It is mandatory that trainee should stay inthe lodging provided by the institute except local trainee. Breakfast, lunch, tea & dinner will be provided by the institute for the trainee. This facility is extended only for trainee.


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