by  Sompalle Sridhar Reddy 

CARBON is a Charcoal , a fat lump of black or the charred remains of vegetable life after it is burnt ; So , if we understand a charcoal we can somewhat understand and remember about Carbons easily .

A charcoal ( Carbons ) can catch fire easily , it has energy to light up but can not go up in flames easily ; When lit , the fire just simmers or it burns slowly without much flame , but when air is blown then the fire can become brighter or increased but later it again subsides and goes down to its indolent form , it burns quietly producing ash and which is not easily shed off . This fire almost gets extinguished if there is no air or oxygen blown 
Thus all the Carbons show genetic tendencies to SLOWNESS , LAXNESS , HARDNESS AND STASIS . The Slowness and Laxness in mind and body may be associated with REDUCED ELASTIN synthesis ; And the Hardness and Indurations may be associated with EXCESS FIBRIN synthesis by the Genes or the Genetic code . And as the fire of the charcoal depends on the Air blown to it so also the Carbons Wants air in motion ( Fanning ) or we can say Air hunger .

And because of the Slowness in these Constitutions , the Metabolic activity will be slow and so the Vitality will be low and due to this the Coldness predominates , with lack of Vital heat ; And so majority of Carbons are CHILLY , they need heat . And if we pour water on this Charcoal it goes on observes it , it may be because of its softness and so majority of Carbons are THIRSTY .

Majority of Carbons are TIMID and RIGHT SIDED ; They are ANXIOUS and Money minded . Diseases which affect the Carbons are also of Slow progressing and more of Sycotic ( Shallow sycosis ) diseases . STASIS is the key word for the Carbons , stasis may be there in anything like in Cardio-vascular system , Gastro-intestinal system , Stasis may be there in the Mind also .
Due to timidity the Carbons become RESERVED or we can say Indisposed to talk , they are too timid to express themselves ; But they are MONEY MINDED due to a sort of Insecurity inside , they want to be secured and so they will accumulate money for their Future and So , even-though they are Timid , Mild and Fearful they want to do Business . Carbons are also Angry but there is a tendency to Suppress anger due to timidity , and there is slow anger as if the coal is burning and it is called as the SIMMERING anger .
SYCOSIS or the defence of fortification or proliferation is the defence used by these Carbons to counter when the first defence of Psora fails . There is tiredness , fatigue and laxity ; and generally the Carbons who will be suffered with some severe acute illness before and it could be suppressed or maltreated by Allopathy or wrong homoeopathy ; So , they say “ I am never well since the last illness ” that illness might be of Pneumonia , Malaria , Measles , Jaundice , Typhoid , Abortion etc ., In short , if the disease is slow , neither progressive too fast nor responding to conventional treatment , that means the disease is in the Sycotic state and that too it could be of some slow constitution , then we can think of some Carbon .
From reduced Elastin at the Genetic level causes relaxation of tissues , and this relaxation causes slowness and stasis . Due to this stasis in G.I.T produces slowness of digestion and so Constipation , slowness of excretion of dirt from the body , so there is OFFENSIVENESS ; The breath will be offensive , the stool will be offensive , the flatus will be offensive and all the discharges whichever and wherever they are from are stinking . Then Stasis in the Respiratory system will naturally slows down the Oxygenation of the whole system , it displaces oxygen from the Blood and so in Haemoglobin and so SUFFOCATION with Air hunger and needs always Fan or open air . And due to Stasis in C.V S will be manifested by the Portal circulation being slowed down and the Veins become inelastic , resulting in HAEMORRHOIDS or VARICOSE VEINS . It also leads to sluggish circulation and hence INTOLERANCE TO COLD AIR . 
From Fibrin excess , at the genetic level that causes Hardness and Indurations ; Excess fibrin on the Skin gives rise to Callosities , Corns , Keloids and hard & rough skin of hands . And excess fibrin in the Cardio-vascular system causes Arteriosclerosis and thickening of Blood vessels . Excess fibrin in the Lymphatics causes hard swelling of glands . Excess fibrin causes Ischemia to the nerves making them oversensitive . Excess fibrin causes Ischemia to Brain and it causes lack of nutrition to the brain thus resulting in Forgetfulness , Weakness of Memory , Absentmindedness etc .,
1 ) . Never well since an acute life threatening illness .
2 ) . If the disease is slow progressing and not responding to conventional treatment .
3 ) . Stasis , Slowness and Sluggishness .
4 ) . Offensiveness ; Indigestion ; Flatulence ; Constipation .
5 ) . Desires fanning or Air in the motion .
6 ) . Right sided with Timidity and Anticipatory .
7 ) . Excessive tiredness & weakness with profuse perspiration .
8 ) . Passive Venous bleeding and Varicose veins or Haemorrhoids .

1 ) . If there is any Arterial bleeding .
2 ) . If there is profuse and continuous bleeding .
3 ) . If the person is Lean , thin and active .
4 ) . If a patient is having aversion to Open air or Fanning .


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