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Case Taking And Making Homeopathic Prescriptions For Acute Fevers
by  Chandran Nambiar 

Making homeopathic prescriptions for fevers is a real challenge. Patients need immediate lowering of temperature. They are not willing to wait. Most homeopaths use mother tinctures and combinations in a desperate attempt to show’ result. Many homeopaths advice their patients to go for allopathy or self medication with paracetamol.

Prescribing for fevers and bringing down temperature with potentized drugs is very simple if we know how to do it.

Case taking is the most the decisive step in prescribing for fevers. Never try to use ‘specifics’ or mother tinctures. Collecting symptoms and finding a similimum is most important.

CONCOMITANTS are most important symptoms in finding similimum for fevers. 

Look for concomitants symptoms in following regions:

Abdomen(Pains, flatulence, sensation)

Rectum- (Diarrhoea-Constipation, type and color of stools)

Back(pains, sensations)

Chest(oppression, palpitation, pains)

Throat(pain, swelling, hoarseness, peculiar sensations etc)

Tongue(color, sensations, taste, other peculiarities)

Respiratory(cough, asthmatic, expectoration etc)

Nose(coryza, stuffiness, discharges, sensations etc)

Head(Pains, peculiar sensations)

Stomach(nausea, appetite, thirst, vomiting, pains, desires-aversions)

Ears(pains, discharges, tinnitus, sensations, hearing)

Extremities(pains, numbness, cramps, coldness, peculiar sensations)

Eyes(lachrymation, discolorations, sensations, swelling, visual)

Face(swelling, discolorations)

Alternating symptoms, if any

Perspiration(increased, decreased, localized, offensive, other peculiarities)

Skin(eruptions, colors, special sensations, coldness)

Sleep(positions, dreams)

Urinary(frequency, stranguary, burning, color, sediments, odor)

Mind(mental abnormalities, fears, loquacity, anger, irritability, disposition)

Physical generals(paroxysms, dropsy, trembling, weakness- chill- chilliness, vertigo)

Modalities: Time modalities, Conditional modalities

Locations: Sides, peculiar body regions

Causations: Dietary irregularities, Exposures etc.

Collect maximum available symptoms under above FOUR categories. Even if you get minimum one prominent symptom each from all these four categories, a similimum could be worked out. Repertorize to find a similimum. It will bring down temperature if used repeatedly in 30c potency.

If we have a good repertory software, and know how to use its sphisticated tools, it is a matter of a few minutes. Repertorization will be over by the time case taking is finished, if we work out the case using tools for ‘smart’ ways of case taking and repertorization.

Years back, I had a wonderful experience with prescribing for fever. My 5 year old son was suffering from fever for days. In spite of all my desperate attempts, temperature did not come down even after ten days. At night, the temperature will go up to 103 F. Whole family was very much worried. For me, it was very hard to accept failure and take him to allopath. One night at 12 pm, I was sitting sleepless at the bedside of son, who was much exhausted and asleep. Suddenly, I noticed he was SLEEPING WITH LEGS CROSSED. Without awakening him, I separated his legs. Instantly, he would cross the lower limbs again. I tried to keep is legs apart many times, but he crossed limbs again instantly. I sensed some peculiarity in his behavior, and took KENT repertory and searched for an appropriate rubric. I failed to get one. Then I searched in Boericke Repertory, and could locate following rubric:

[Boericke]Nervous system : SLEEP : Position : Must lie : Legs [with] : Crossed:- Rhod.

I decided to try RHODODENDRON. But there was no RHODO available in my medicine chest. Finally, could locate an old plastic vial labelled RHODO 30, and there was only some powdery remnants sticking in its bottom. I added some cold water into vial, and gave it to my son, without awakening him. After ten minutes, to my wonder, the boy was perspiring, temperature was gone! Next morning, he was very much normal and playing.


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