by Mashkoor Ahmed


Argentum Nitricum
: (headless chicken type of behaviour) for a highly emotional state where fears are running high; anticipatory fears or apprehension; fear of forgetting your pens or calculator; fear of forgetting everything you have learnt; fear that you will not get to the examination location on time and feel overwhelmed with panic. You feel that time is running out and you must do everything in a great hurry.

Gelsemium :
– (ostrich type of behaviour) especially helpful for a anticipatory fears before exams or interviews when you feel emotionally numb, can’t get yourself motivated to study or you feel inappropriately unconcerned about studying or the exams coming up and respond by burying your head in the sand like and ostrich! Perhaps if you ignore it, it will all go away?! Useful where fear is accompanied by trembling, muscular weakness, diarrhoea and the urgent need to urinate from emotional excitement or nervousness. 

Anacardium : Students who suddenly give up studying for exams, saying they can't remember what they are reading, are candidates for Anacardium.

Kali Phos : – an essential brain, nerve, heart and lung nutrient and one of the greatest nerve remedies. For mental and/or physical exhaustion with anxiety brought on by excitement, overwork or worry. Improves symptoms such as anxiety, melancholy, panic, nervous tension, heart palpitations; shortness of breath, anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, mental & physical exhaustion, possibly accompanied by poor memory, irritability and dizziness. A great remedy for students. 

Lycopodium : – Improves self-confidence and courage. Helps with apprehension about forthcoming events. Constant fear of breaking down under stress. Little things annoy; extremely sensitive. Melancholic. Poor memory and failing brain power. Also helpful in cases of confused thoughts, forgetfulness, getting words muddled up and mistakes in writing. Improves self-confidence and reduces the fear of breaking down under stress. We can alternate this remedy with Silica.

Silica : – suits the nervous and excitable type who is sensitive to all influences; is faint-hearted, anxious and full of apprehension – too timid to undertake things. The person is lethargic and wants to sit or lie down all the time. Gives a sense of courage; improves confidence and mental clarity. Helpful where there is a lack of oomph or grit!

Mag Phos :
– helpful if you feel tired, lethargic and can’t think clearly. 

AETHUSA : Specially meant for students who are unable to fix their attention on the task at hand and have difficulty in retaining in memory what has been studied.Students who get confused and very apprehensive in the examination hall.

BACH FLOWER REMEDIES , which were created by Dr Bach, who was a homeopathic doctor, are also useful and Bach flower 'Rescue Remedy' is a good stand-by to have in nerve-wracking situations.

PRACTICAL MEASURES such as deep breathing just before the exam to calm your nerves and avoiding an excess of caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee, tea and coca cola will help, as caffeine is a stimulant for the bowels and nerves.

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