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At Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College,Kulashekaram, Tamil Nadu
On 25 & 26 February 2012
For : Postgraduate teachers and Students
Fee : Rs.500/-
Accommodation : Rs 200/- per day
Topic and faculty
Dr Hari Singh – Research Officer CCRH
Dr A Vigneswar – WHO CC epidemiologist in Diabetic research
Dr Hari Singh – Thesis writing in Medicine – Significance & relevance
Dr A Vigneswari – Abstract writing
Dr Hari Singh – Synopsis writing
Dr A Vigneswari – Literature review
Dr A Vigneswari – Case reports & Case series study
Dr A Vigneswari – Statistical Analysis & results
Dr Hari Singh – Dissertation – Conclusion
Dr Hari Singh – Topics for homoeopathic research

Contact : Dr Winston Varghese
Mob : 9443692478
Email : drwinston@bsnl.in
Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College
Tamil nadu.629161
Ph: 04651279448

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