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Dr.Sushil Vats
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In a bid to integrate the medical education in India ,Dept. of ISM & Homoeopathy ; ministry of health and family welfare Govt. of India has written a letter to CCH to start a one year diploma course for graduates of modern medicine. Matter has been long pending since it was first discussed in CCH in 1984. In 1988 a sub committee of education committee of CCH had recommended a diploma course :the licentiate course in homoeopathic medicine [L.H.M.] for the graduates of modern medicine .However Dr.K .G . Saxena had dissented this recommendation .CCH in its letter dated 16 August 1988 has forwarded a draft course of one academic year to the ministry consisting of the two terms of 12weeks each.

Matter had been discussed between CCH &dept. for almost a decade when CCH in its letter dated 2 march 1994 informed the ministry that no such course is possible for the graduates of modern medicine ,sighting the lack of reciprocity for giving admission to homoeopathic doctors in various courses framed and enforced by MCI . IN the year 2000.CCH Executive Committee had recommended a modified course for with more studies hours .But this recommendation was withdrawn from the GBM held on 28-29th March 2000.

Mrs.Malti Sinha ,Secretary ,Dept. ISM & Homoeopathy. in her letter dated 2.01.2003.asked CCH to reconsider the matter. Education committee in its meeting held on 03/02/2003.discussed the matter at length and it did not agree for the need of any course in homoeopathy for the graduates of modern medicine as no such reciprocal course for homoeopathic doctors exist or prescribed .

Letter by Secretary ISM & H .broadly expressed the need to design a homoeopathy course for the graduates of the modern and Indian systems of medicine. She suggested that council introduce a one year diploma course for these graduates and submits suitable regulations in this regard on the lines of the one year diploma course of MF LONDON. SHE has written that till date Homoeopathy could not be introduced in the National Health programmes , family welfare programmes and in various other schemes mainly because of lack of understanding among the professionals of the modern & Indian systems of medicine and homoeopathy.

IN the agenda item no.98,26 of the executive committee Dr.K.K. Juneja proposed that a short term course will certainly enhanced the creditability of homoeopathic system of medicine in India and Abroad……..but at the same recipient of such qualification may pose a threat in the carrier opportunity of the people in the emlpoyment. Therefore executive committee recommends that such a course may be introduced with the main objective of developing a cadre of researchers and teachers in homoeopathy .According it is recommended to introduce ONE YEAR certificate course for the doctors possessing M.B.B.S. This proposal was seconded by Dr.R.J.S.Yadav

Article Originally published in Vital Informer 2009


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