While homeopathy is often used for chronic conditions, there are some remedies that are used in many common situations, such as jitters before an exam or job interview, poor concentration, exhaustion from overwork, and eyestrain from prolonged computer use.
Each homeopathic remedy has a unique set of associated mental and physical symptoms; a remedy is prescribed when its characteristic symptom picture matches with a person's current symptoms. The following is a selected remedy list only. A trained homeopath can select the most appropriate remedy for you.

Nervous before public speaking or exams

Argentum Nitricum

Fear and apprehension brought on by anticipation before an important event, such as a business presentation, job interview, or exam. Anxious at the thought of failure, which may cause sweating, palpitations, or diarrhea.
Excitable and may be irritable.
Often have a slowly arising, pulsating headache that worsens with nervous stress or mental exertion.
Feel better in fresh, cool air.


For stage fright and severe anxiety before performances, exams, and job interviews.
Feelings of weakness, unable to face challenges, forgetful and cannot think and focus.
Fears associated with trembling and "butterflies in stomach" feeling.
Often have tension headache that worsens with bright light or movement, chills, sweating, and flushed face. May stammer or stutter.
Feel worse in heat, sun, or dampness.

Poor Concentration, Stress, and Overwork

Nux Vomica

Stress brought on by overwork. Very irritable, impatient, and oversensitive.
Craving for excess food, coffee, and other stimulants to "keep up".
Feel much better after taking very brief naps. Better in warm, humid environment.


Good remedy for memory and concentration difficulties, especially when brought on by overwork, worry, fear of failure, or fear of being overwhelmed by work.
Diligent and detail-oriented.
Often lack physical and mental stamina and feel exhausted. Frequently catch colds, flu and other infections during or after stressful periods.
Feel worse in cold or damp environment.

Kali Phosphoricum

Mental and physical exhaustion after stress or overwork with feelings of inability to cope. Nervous and oversensitive person who prefers to be alone.
Short attention span, unable to concentrate, poor memory.
Often have nervous digestive upsets and headaches at the back of the head which worsens with mental exertion.
Sensitive to cold; better in warm environment and after eating and rest.


Mental stress causing anxiety. Lacks confidence and feels inferior around those perceived as more powerful, yet may be assertive and domineering around family and those with less authority.
Taking on responsibility or commitment causing anxiety and worry.
Huge appetite; gas and bloating that worsens with even a small amount of food. Strong cravings for sweets.

Inability to relax and over-stimulated mind


Overactive mind.
Insomnia with inability to relax; fitful sleep.
Warmth, lying down, and cold drinks bring relief.
Onset is often related to sudden change of emotion.

Eyestrain and muscle stiffness

Ruta Graveolens

Eyestrain caused by prolonged staring at a computer screen or reading fine print.
Eyes burn, water, and feel tired and sore. Often leads to headaches.
General stiffness, weakness, muscle aches throughout body, relieved by lying down.
Chronic overuse of tendons and muscles from repetitive movements leading to extreme stiffness of the arms and wrists.

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