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In the Budget ( 2010-2011 financial Year) Government of Kerala allotted more than 21 crores for the growth and development of homeopathic system in Kerala.
The following are budget allocations
  • For starting new permanent dispensaries : Rs. 1 crore
  • Homeopathic women health care centers : Rs. 45 Lakhs
  • RAECH (Rapid Action Epidemic Cell Homeopathy) & SHP (School Health Programme) : Rs.75 Lakhs
  • Standardization of Hospitals : Rs. 3 crores
  • Continuing Medical Education : Rs.14 Lakhs
  • For upgrading HOMCO – Kerala state Homeopathic Co-op pharmacy – Rs. 4 crore
  • Modernization Directorate of Homeopathy (New Building & Computerization): Rs. 70 Lakhs
  • For starting a homeopathic pharmacy college : Rs. 3.6 crore
  • Assistance to Calicut & Trivandrum Homeopathic Medical Colleges : Rs.7crore
  • DHME – Establishing a Directorate of Homeopathic Medical Education : Rs. 1 crore
Similima team and homeopathic community of Kerala really congratulating the Kerala Government, especially Hon’ble Health Minister Sri. Sreemathy Teacher and Hon’ble Finance Minister Dr.Thomas Isacc. Please send a thanks giving mail  or telephone call to 
P.K. Sreemathy Teacher - Minister for Health and Social Welfare
Tel (Off): (91)471- 2335266, 2333833, e-mail: minister-health@kerala.gov.in
Dr. Thomas Isaac – Minister for Finance
Tel (Off): (91)471 – 2333849, 2333772 , e-mail: minister-finance@kerala.gov.in
See the detailed  report
82. Strengthening of dispensaries, Opening Temporary Dispensaries and Epidemic Control Measures(Outlay: Rs.75.00 lakh)
The department of Homeopathy formed in the year 1973, currently has 526 dispensaries and 30 hospitals. During 2008-09, it was proposed to improve facilities in dispensaries already  started to attain a minimum standard in terms of unification of staff pattern, purchase of equipment and other accessories which will have to continue this year also. Besides, the following activities are also to be taken up during 2010-11.
  • Strengthening existing dispensaries during Eleventh Plan period
  • Starting temporary dispensaries during festivals, pilgrim seasons,etc
  • Strengthening epidemic control measures under the supervision of RAECH
  • School Health Programme (Jyothirgamaya)
  • An amount of Rs.75 lakh is provided for 2010-11.
83. Standardization of District Hospitals and other Hospitals (Outlay: Rs .300.00 lakh)Standardisation of facilities and services in Homoeo hospital is one of the major objectives under this scheme. An amount of Rs. 300 lakh is provided during 2010-11 as the 15 percent state share of the amount provided by Department of AYUSH, Government of India; for the following activities:
  • Opening of clinical laboratories in all hospitals in a phased manner
  • Equipping hospitals with ultra sound scanning units on a priority basis
  • Standardisation of facilities in District/Taluk hospitals
  • Regional Medical Stores
84. Computerization/ Modernization of Homoeo Department (Outlay: Rs. 70.00 lakh)The modernisation programme in the Directorate of Homoeopathy is to continue in 2010- 11 also. In connection with this an amount of Rs.70 lakh is provided for 2010-11 for the following activities:
  • Purchase of equipments
  • Training to staff
  • Fax and internet facilities
  • Completion of computer installation and networking with district medical offices
  • Planning cell
85. Continuing Medical Education and Training (Outlay: Rs.14.00 lakh)In order to provide continuing education to doctors and para medical staff, an amount of Rs. 14 lakh is provided for 2010-11 for the following activities.
  • Training to staff
  • Conducting workshops/seminars
86. The Kerala State Homoeopathic Co-operative Pharmacy Ltd. (Outlay: Rs. 400.00 lakh)The Kerala State Homoeopathy Co-operative Pharmacy is engaged in the manufacture and supply of homoeopathic medicines to government Homoeopathic institutions inside and outside the State at subsidised rates. An amount of Rs. 400 lakh is provided for 2010-11 as grant-in-aid for the following activities.
  • Strengthening of production capacity
  • Strengthening of quality control division with modern equipment
  • Procurement of equipment
  • Improving marketing division.
  • Conduct research in Homoeopathy
  • Purchase of land and construction of factory building for the second unit
  • Procurement of machinery and equipments
  • Expansion of Mother Tinctures and Dilution unit
87. Opening new Homoeo Dispensaries (Outlay: Rs. 100.00 lakh)At present there are 526 Government Homoeo Dispensaries in which 488 are rural and 48 are urban dispensaries in the state. Since no new homoeo dispensaries are sanctioned for the last several years, new dispensaries in the potential areas can be prioritized and started in a phased manner. Considering the above, new dispensaries are proposed in the general sector (other than sc/st sector) this year also. For starting new dispensaries under general sector, an amount of Rs.100 lakh is provided as plan fund during 2010-11.
88. Women Health Care Centre (Seethalayam) (Outlay: Rs.48.00 lakh)“seethalayam” – homeopathic women health care centre is a shelter for all women in different social strata with emphasis on mental as well as physical health care. an amount of rs.48 lakh is provided for the year 2010-11, for training of doctors to handle such cases and have a separate block attached to the district hospital for each centre to be set up in Trivandrum on a pilot basis.
224HOMOEO MEDICAL EDUCATION  Assistance to Medical Colleges89 . Assistance to Govt. Homoeo Medical Colleges of Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode (Outlay: Rs. 700.00 lakh)For upgrading the facilities in Homoeo Medical Colleges as per CCIM norms, an outlay of Rs. 700 lakh is provided for Govt. Homoeo Medical Colleges of Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode during 2010-11 for the following activities.
  • Purchase of new equipments and machineries
  • Construction of hostel buildings
  • Enabling infrastructure facilities
  • Starting of new courses, new specialities, and new P.G. Courses
  • Strengthening of clinical facilities
  • Increasing bed strength
  • Conduct of research activities
  • Development of library and separate laboratory for each departments
  • Construction of peripheral unit for preventive medicine in rural areas
Amount provided for the Institutions are shown below:
  • Homoeo Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram 200 200 400
  • Homoeo Medical College, Kozhikode  200 100 300
                                                            Total 400 300 700
90. Strengthening Nursing/Pharmacy College in Homoeopathy (Outlay: Rs. 360.00 lakh)The proposed amount is for starting of Government Pharmacy Colleges at Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode and matching grant for starting Pharmacy College by HOMCO at Alappuzha; for conducting Nursing/Pharmacy courses in Homoeopathy in the State. For this a provision of Rs.360 lakh is provided for 2010-11.
91. Directorate for Homoeo Medical Education (Outlay: Rs.100.00 lakh)For the ongoing activities in connection with the establishment of Homoeo Medical Education Directorate as envisaged in 2008-09, an amount of Rs.100 lakh is provided for 2010.

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