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In the office with Mr. Lycopodium and Mr. Nux Vomica

by Claudia De Rosa - Classical Homeopath

t is eight o'clock in the morning and Mr Lycopodium goes to work. He prefers to get into the office first because he likes to do things calmly before everything is congestioned; he loves to sit peacefully at his desk and wait for his
colleagues, get tasks for the day ready for everyone, get everything organized and scheduled and check for deadlines.
This is that time in which the office is almost pleasant, that time before colleagues and customers trigger the arena and testosterone and excitement rise up incontrollably.
If it was a good day he could also seeking a salary increase, not a promotion, but at least a recognition. That recognition that has been expected by Mr Lycopodium for years, a sincere thanks for his years of working together, for have always been a solid shoulder, a colleague you can trust. He will just see how the boss will cross the threshold to determine whether it is such day..

Mr. Nux Vomica arrives in the office at half past nine, talking nervously on the phone and barely saying hello to his colleagues. On his desk Mr. Nux Vomica finds all the papers and work that Mr. Lycopodium has prepared for him: notes, people he need to call and make a strong voice..because this is Mr. Nux Vomica’s task: he is the one who who guides the ship, the responsibility is all his. And if he wasn’t there the whole office would collapse into inertia, no one would respect the company and things will go badly. Last night he was at a business dinner and gastritis came back, the wine tasted acidic and gastric juices felt rising up in the throat. He turned off the last cigarette at home and fell asleep on the couch. In the morning a quick shower and a coffee then the cell phone began to ring.

Morning rushes and above all plays the nervous voice of Mr. Nux Vomica: work is piling up and irritation is rising up.. His anger is just close the tie, gastritis worsens and ulcers are just around the corner.

It 'time for the lunch break, an hour break and then back to work.
Mr. Lycopodium just bites his lunch and goes straight back to the office: he wants to talk to his boss who is having lunch with a sandwich on the fly and too much mayonnaise in front of his computer, without even leaving the office. Perhaps coffee is the perfect opportunity to approach the boss and asking for a salary increase..

They are at their desks, facing each other, each one of them is forty years of age, different careers.

Mr. Lycopodium is tense, sitting straight. He usually feels his stomach hard and distended after meals so he has to undo the button of his trousers to feel better. Mr. Nux Vomica feels the burning and soaking of the gastritis and
ulcers in the stomach, but still he can’t get rid of his cigarette.

Mr. Lycopodium believes that his boss is egocentric and workaholic, one of those who will end suiciding by hanging himself just after retirement, a materialistic and superficial person who gets nervous if he can join the gym every day. He hasn’t done anything in his life, just poisoned his employees with anger and hysterical tension. Mr Lycopodium and Mr. Nux Vomica started together in that same office years before: Mr. Nux vomica had a career, nothing more, as simply as that.

On the contrary, Mr. Nux Vomica thinks that Mr. Lycopodium is a failure. They are the same age and very different careers: he could tale on him again any time. He wishes for a salary increase, for a promotion but he won’t even dare to ask.
Mr. Lycopodium had chosen family and children above his professional career..Well, if this make you happy then enjoy! He has chosen and he won’t make anyone else paying for his own decisions.. He keeps complaining about the work load but he doesn’t know what does it means to be the boss!

They drink coffee and they both feel a little sleepy, digestion is slow, stomach and abdomen are distended and bloated, the food is rising up through the esophagus..

Mr. Lycopodium takes a deep breat and speaks: "I would love to ask you about that salary increase.." and Mr. Nux Vomica replied "Don’t you even talk about that! No, go back to work!"

The door closes and both feels regret and shame. Mr. Lycopodium regrets not having looked his boss in the eyes, escaping the gaze was easier and had suppressed the fear. Mr. Nux Vomica regrets to have looked in Mr. Lycopodium’s eyes and to have hunderstood: by staring into his eyes he realized he will never be as good as him.

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