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Increasing  shift from Modern medicine to Traditional  herbal medicines worldwide can be 
well evidenced by  increasing size of world market for  Herbal / Ayurveda,  Siddha, Unani(ASU) 
drugs. However, India is  unable to take full advantage of this growth due to Quality related
concerns of these ASU drugs. Department of AYUSH has taken a major initiative to improve quality 
standards in the AYUSH sector by partnering with Quality Council of India (QCI) in the areas of 
AYUSH Products, Hospitals, Drug Testing Labs and AYUSH Educational Institutes.

The following achievements have been made so far by the Department:

1. Voluntary certificate scheme (VCS) for AYUSH products
The scheme has been started since Oct, 2009, which has two levels of certification - For domestic
market and international market, AYUSH  standard and  AYUSH  premium marks are available
respectively.  The  Voluntary  certification scheme for product certification of  AYUSH  product
would result in Quality seal being awarded to those who opt for third party evaluation. Till now
125 Premium marks and 95 standardmarks has been awarded to ASU products.

2. Accreditation of AYUSH hospitals
This scheme became operational since January, 2010. Accreditational and Structural standards for
AYUSH hospitals have already been published (copy attached). Till now one Ayurveda hospital
named  Ayurvaid Hospital, Bangalore, has been  accredited and  6  AYUSH Hospitals are under

3. Gap Study of AYUSH Drug Testing Labs
QCI has done Gap Study of Six State Drug Testing Labs viz Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad,
Thiruvananthapuram, Joginder Nagar (H.P.) and West Bengal. The gaps have been brought to the
notice of State Governments for bridging gaps either through Public Sector investment or through
Public Private Partnership (PPP).

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