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Some of the Tested and Proven Prescriptions of Daily Use

by Nikhil Singh

   Aethusa 200 – students who get confused in exam and forget everything.

• Argentum Nit + Aaethusa 200 combined for fear of examination.

• Lycopodium 200 for lack of confidence and anticipatory fear as in public speaking.

• Kali Phos+ Silicea 6x for fear of failure in exam.

• Pulsatilla 30 + Phosphorus 30 in children seeking extra attention.

• Phosphorus 30 + Aconite 30 + Opium 30 for fear of going to school.

• Staphysagria in sensitive weepy children

• Chamomilla 1M for stubborn ad irritable children.

• Phosphorus 30 for fear of being alone.

• Arsenic+ Opium + Aconite 30 for children who wake up startled in the night.

• Natrum Sulph 1M+ Arnica 1M useful for head injury.

• Opium 1M or higher in head injury or stroke with brain damage

• Helliborus Niger for after effects of head injury.

• Aurum Met 200 in postoperative nausea after gaining consciousness. Phosphorous can also be given.

• Aconite CM (1 dose) better if given with Opium CM for ill effects of fear and shock.

• One dose of Arnica 1M before and after surgery safeguards against possible complications.

• Pulsatilla for indigestion after overeating eating fatty food.

• Carbo veg for indigestion after overeating carbohydrates.

• Nux vomica for rice and meat allergy.

• Calc Carb for egg allergy.

• Chinimum Ars for diarrhea after eating eggs.

• Sulphuric Acid one drop in water three times daily for giving up smoking.

• Nux Vomica 200 for ill effects of wrongly given injections.

• Nitric Acid or single dose of Sulphur in high potency for diarrhea after penicillin.

• Kali phos 1M one dose and few doses of Plumbum 200 for poor memory.

• Lachesis 1M for people of suspicious nature and also for fear of the unknown.

• Arsenic 1M (few doses) for fear of death, fear of accidents, anxiety and generally disinclined to work.

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