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What is the Homoeopathic approach to control Diabetes Mellitus

Homoeopathic approach for Diabetes mellitus is strictly individualizing every single case, analyzing the physical as well as mental constitutional symptoms and selecting single homoeopathic remedy. During constitutional homoeopathic treatment diabetes mellitus we usually advice investigations periodically on an average 3 months and I some cases early also.

Following are the common investigations:
a) Plasma glucose concentration (Fasting and Post Prandial).
b) Glycosylated hemoglobin, to measure long term glyceamic control.
c) Plasma lipid levels to rule out increase level of triglycerides and low density lipoproteins.
d) Routine urine for albumin to rule out early evidence of diabetic nephropathy.
e) Serum creatine levels.
f) Regular eyes check up to detect early diabetic retinopathy.
g) Weekly measurement of blood pressure to rule out hypertension which is so frequently associated with diabetes mellitus.

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