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Neck Pain and Homoeopathic Treatment:

Neck pain is usually due to strain or spasm of the neck muscles or inflammation of neck joints which may be due to arthritis or damage to the discs between cervical vertebrae. Neck problem often cause headache, pain in the shoulder, upper back and arms. There may be numbness, tingling sensation or weakness in hands. It causes dizziness. Neck pain and headache are sometimes related to tension in neck muscles.

The most common reasons are:

• Sleeping on pillow that is to high
• Watching TV, reading or writing in wrong posture
• Stress
• Due to any pressure on neck muscles
• Working continuously in front of computers.

The most common problem is cervical spondylosis. It is due to degeneration of vertebrae of cervical spine. These changes produces degrees of spasm, pain, restriction of neck movement and muscle weakness, and sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise can lead to damaged spine. The pain originating in the neck may be due to damaged ligaments of the ligaments or formation of osteophytes which compresses the nerve roots causing pain.

Sudden jerk or shock leads to the prolapse of the disc, which is located in between two vertebrae causing compression of nerve root leading to severe pain. This can be easily identified and diagnosed by CT scan and MRI.


• Maintain good posture. Keep back and neck erect when sitting and standing
• Avoid sitting for long period
• Avoid working for long in front of computers
• Practicing yoga asanas and exercise in daily life

• Hot and cold applications to the painful area I. application of hot water bag and ice bag alternatively on the neck and shoulder muscles-3 min hot and 1 min cold.
• In case of severe pain hot fermentation is useful
• Cervical collar are available while reading and writing
• Physiotherapy treatment, acupuncture, acupressure are also very effective.

Homeopathic Treatment-

1. Cimcifuga-cervical spondylitis, stiffness and contraction in the neck and back, rheumatic pains in the neck.

2. Dulcamara-stiff neck, pain in the neck and the small of the back, cervical spondylosis.

3. Gelsemium-occipital headache, dull heavy pain, pain in sternocleidomastoid muscle.

4. Causticum-stiffness between the shoulders, dull pain in the nape of the neck tearing pains in the limbs better by heat of bed.

5. Belladonna-stiff neck, swelling in the glands of neck, pain in the nape as if it would break cervical spondylitis.

6. Rhus tox.-pain and stiffness in lumbosacral region; better, motion, or lying on something hard; worse, whise sitting.

7. Guaiacum/Guaiacum officinale-pain from head to back, aching in the nape, stiff neck and sore shoulders, stitches between scapula and occiput.

8. Zincum valerianicum-severe pain in the neck and spine, cannot sit still.

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