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“Those out want to get in while those in want to get out”

The most important thing in life is having a good marriage and family life; or in other words achieving an everlasting intimacy with someone of other sex remain a major life goal for most people.

Marriage. means sharing in many areas of life such as;

Economic. a sharing of the accumulation, use and distribution of money.

Emotional. a sharing of emotional and fantasy levels of life.

Geographical. sharing space time and geographical proximity.

Legal. a couple’s involvement in the civil and legal process of a society

Recreational. a sharing of recreation and pleasure-involves not only a recreation together but sharing your spouse for recreation with his/her own set of companions

Religious. a sharing of beliefs ,values and traditions

Sexual. a unique sharing of the physical, sensual and sexual aspects of two people

Social a sharing of social and interpersonal activities


Love can mean anything from the expression of tender affection for someone to a passionate attachment to another person. Love is usually equated with romantic love and means a strong emotional attachment to a person of the opposite sex, a tendency to idealize that person.

Usually we are not aware of this until we meet someone of the opposite sex who closely resembles it.
When this happens, especially in love at first sight, the psychic image may be projected on to someone of the opposite sex without sufficient regard for what other person is really like. Frequently the result is misunderstanding and bitter disappointment. For this reason psychologist warn of the dangers of romantic love.

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