Also called manic-depressive illness. Children who suffer from bipolar disorder experience unusual changes in mood. Sometimes they feel very happy and "up" and are much more active than usual. This is called mania. And sometimes children with bipolar disorder feel very sad and "down" and are much less active than usual. This is called depression.You can have manic episodes, depressive, or "mixed." A mixed episode both.  

              Sufferers of bipolar disorder may have more mixed episodes.In manic episode:
• Feeling very happy or do stupid things in an unusual way
• Become suddenly bad temper
• Talking very fast on many different things
• Having trouble sleeping but not feeling tired
• Having trouble staying focused
• Speak and think more often about sex
• Do dangerous thingsIn depressive episode:
• Feeling very sad
• Complain a lot of pain, such as stomach aches and head
• Sleeping too little or too much
• Feeling guilty and worthless
• Eating too little or too
• Have low energy and lack of interest in fun activities
• Thoughts of death or suicide


Arsenicum album:

 it has an intense anxiety or agitation, not only the body, but inwardly, with great anxiety. This anxiety is intense, almost always associated with fear, accentuated at dawn. The attack of anxiety and worry him out of bed. Terrible fear of death. He has a great desire for companionship. Other times is great prostration, especially in motion, as perceived not when lying down. Great sense of guilt.

Aurum metallicum:

it has great tendency to suicide. Sadness at dusk. Have feelings of sadness and depression. Great sense of guilt. Is introverted and talks to himself. Feelings of grief and frustration. Depression during menstruation and menopause. You can switch sadness with physical energy. Is hypersensitive, angry. Great desire for fresh air. The music makes it better. Cree has lost the affection of his friends.

Aurum muriaticum:

great depression and sadness. Feel tired of life, with a tendency to suicide. Weeping. Constantly thinking of his poor health. It can not be alone, prefers the company.Carbo animalis: depression with a desire to avoid the conversation. Crave solitude. He cries. Feeling as if all the sounds come from another world. Confusion and bewilderment, worse tomorrow. Has nostalgia.


it is sad, sad, moody, unhappy. She cries easily, can not stop crying, yet pequñeces. It is cowardly and timid. It is suspicious and easily offended. Has poor memory, is careless and distracted.


States tendency to melancholy with sitting, completely rigid. It is indifferent to everything pleasant. Inconsolable. Afraid of the wind.Helleborus indifference, apathy to everything. Silent melancholy or sad, desperate, desperate for a cure. It involuntary sighs. Nostalgia. Is suicidal. Booked. Great indecision. Fear of dying.

Ignatia Amara: 

One of the main remedies for disorders of emotional origin, especially if the causes are recent. And if they have been produced by sorrows, unrequited love, by mortifications, by contradictions. Humor has a variable, rapidly changing: you can go from laughter to sadness and tears easily (hysteria). Cries involuntarily. It is aggravated and irritated if console. Involuntary sigh. Easily frightened. It gets very irritable if they contradict. Indicated for the child to receive a reprimand, seizures are sick and sleeping.

Lac caninum: 

chronic sadness, more during menstruation. It has a death wish. You can mourn all the time. Low on memory. Forgetful. Afraid of being alone, great desire for companionship. Anxious expression.Lachesis: sadness, especially in children, in girls before and during puberty and menopause. Feel tired of life with anxiety. Dislike to the company. Thoughts and premonitions of death. Refuses to take his medication or any treatment. Weeping.

Lilium tigrinum: 

deep mental depression with weeping and despair. They cry and cry a lot. The consolation aggravates. Is desperate for the salvation of his soul. Depression can get a real indifference, especially for all you do for her. Fear of being alone, wants the company.


 is silent sadness, for mortification, from fright, sexual excesses, of suppressed anger. It is dictatorial, arrogant, reproaches. Hypersensitive to music, noise.

Natrium carb:
 a patient is depressed, sad, melancholy, accentuated by the music or when you leave your regular diet. Is haunted by sad thoughts, with anxiety and apprehension. Cry, the music, or sleeping. Alternate sadness with laughter. It is full of worries. Is hypersensitive to the music, which aggravates the mental symptoms, and sometimes also physical, especially if you hear the piano. Thoughts of suicide. Hypersensitive to noise.

Natrum Muriaticum:

 of emotional disorders that are manifested in the spiritual realm. Disorders sorrows, frustrations, disappointments, by unrequited love for mortification. Indicated emotional disorders not very recent, or past (may be many years ago). It has a feeling of deep sadness, grief, which generally does not share or talk to anyone, is silent. Feel tired of life, with a tendency to suicide. Indifference to all pleasure. It can become resentful and hate. Crying easily, involuntary, which compounded by the presence of others, prefers to be alone. Dislike to the company. Talk it causes mental exhaustion. Easily startled. The mental symptoms worsen before menstruation. Sleepwalking.

Natrium sulph: 

strong tendency to suicide, think about it constantly. It is sad and tired of life, but ironically is afraid to commit suicide. Fear of being left alone for fear of injury. It is the drug of mental disorders in head trauma. Is hypersensitive to the music, which makes it sad and mourn. Crying in open air. The sadness is worse when the weather changes and rain. Depression or melancholy alternating with periodic bouts of mania.


has thoughts of suicide simultaneously with fear of dying. It has premonitions of death. Sometimes tired and bored with life, wanting to die. You could have real fits of rage, furious delirium, which jumps out of bed and escapes. Hypersensitivity to all external impressions, noise, noise of falling water, pain, and being touched.


mental and physical consequences of emotional insults (disappointment, frustration). Disorders fright, anticipation of events, sorrows, unrequited love, of mortification. Great weakness or nervous exhaustion, with great weakness, covering up the sexual. Indifference or disregard for everything, can not think. Sometimes up to stuporous or unconscious state. You have trouble concentrating. Nostalgia.


sadness, weariness of life. Better in open air. Involuntary crying, during menstruation, when spoken to. It's worse from consolation. Alternating laughing and crying, with joy or sadness, or laugh at serious things. The depressive reaction may express itself through indifference or apathy. He thinks the abandonment or neglect. That is alone in the world.


 it is extremely soft, sweet, docile. timid. It involuntary crying, can not have your symptoms or talk about their discomfort without mourn. Crying without apparent cause, or happy or sad things. She blushes easily. Great sense of abandonment, helplessness. Dislikes the company is withdrawn. Changing temperament, alternating. Fear of going crazy. The sadness is worse in a warm room. Better in open air. Disorders disappointments or frustrations. Pronounced degrees of disturbance may have a marked indifference to pleasure, to business. Unconsciousness, temporary or not, after noon in a warm room or crowded. Have hallucinations, believed to be pursued by enemies, go the hell, fire, horrible visions on closing eyes. Rave night with drowsiness. Manic states by suppressing menstruation or menopause. Puerperal psychosis. He shouts, speaks, laughs, complains during sleep. It is aggravated by heat and in a closed room. Great desire for fresh air.

Rhus Tox: 

sadness, over night or during perspiration. It sighs. Involuntary weeping or crying without knowing why. Thoughts of suicide and drowning, but has no value. Tormenting thoughts that scare. Weariness of life, disheartened, desperate. Have an aversion to mental work.


abolition has a great capacity to feel love, be affectionate. Marked indifference to loved ones, their own children, their families and friends, all pleasant. It feels better when alone, has an aversion to the company. Avoid people watching. He has a deep sadness and depression, with absence of all joy. She cries easily, can not be contained. It tolerates comfort. Be glad and happy during storms. He concentrates hard. It is as stunned, especially after noon and after intercourse. You can reach the confusion. It is very irritable, but if they contradict. Bothersome. Timid. Improvement to be occupied. Marked anxiety, especially when night falls. Mental disorders have sexual excesses. Is hypersensitive, music, noise. It is aggravated by cold. She faints easily. Flushes of heat.


 a nervous breakdown after working in a confined space. He is exhausted, unhappy, discouraged. Weariness of life, wanting to die. Tendency to suicide by drowning or by jumping from a height. Has nostalgia, indifference. The pins, needles, thorns and all sharp objects are an obsession. Freaks on pins and needles, he is terrified. Difficulty concentrating. It is very sensitive, cries easily.


sadness, especially in bed at night or during perspiration. You feel very unhappy, tired of life. Crying at 11 hours, without apparent cause. Strong desire to die with suicidal throwing from a height, or drowning, or by shooting, but because he does not lack courage.


 bored of living, tired of life. It has a death wish and suicidal thoughts. Think jump out the window.

sadness that improves during menstruation. Cries without cause. Suicidality. Aversion to work and walking. Think of death as if the end was near.

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