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Allergic rhinitis :

Allergic rhinitis is an allergic reaction that happens when your immune system overreacts to substances that you have inhaled, such as pollen
Allergic rhinitis is common, Symptoms can be mild or severe

Signs and Symptoms :

Allergic rhinitis can cause many symptoms, including the following:
• Stuffy, runny nose
• Sneezing
• Post-nasal drip
• Red, itchy, and watery eyes
• Swollen eyelids
• Itchy mouth, throat, ears, and face
• Sore throat
• Dry cough
• Headaches, facial pain or pressure
• Partial loss of hearing, smell, and taste
• Fatigue
• Dark circles under the eyes

Allergic rhinitis and Homeopathic remedies 

The following are some of the remedies for the treatment of allergic rhinitis symptoms based such as ,

Nux vomica -- for stuffiness with nasal discharge, dry, ticklish, and scraping nasal sensations with watery nasal discharge and a lot of sneezing; an appropriate person for this remedy is irritable and impatient.

Arsenicum album -- for stuffiness with copious, burning nasal discharge and violent sneezing; an appropriate candidate for Arsenicum feels restless, anxious, and exhausted.

Allium cepa -- for frequent sneezing, a lot of irritating nasal discharge and tearing eyes; this person tends to feel thirsty.

Euphrasia -- for bland nasal discharge, with stinging, irritating tears; a suitable person for this remedy has worse nasal symptoms when lying down.

some other remedeies like sabadilla,lycopersicum,saponaria officinalis......

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