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Toothache and homeopathy:

Toothache or odontalgia is a condition characterised generally by neuralgic pain in teeth and is a frequent and distressing ailment of children. Often, the pain originating in teeth affects different parts of the head as the lower jaw or upper jaw and the bones of the face.


 Aconitum napellus
 Toothache due to exposure to cold air and often accompanied by fever symptoms, the gums are hot and inflamed and teeth are sensitive to cold. The intolerable pain drives a child frantic.

 Antimonium crudum
 Suitable for pain in carious teeth especially at night Teeth detached from gums and bleed easily. The pain extends into the head. A thickly-coated white tongue accompanied by gnawing pain in teeth at night forms an important symptom combination of this remedy.

 Arnica montana
 Suitable for toothache and soreness of gums after tooth extraction. This remedy also covers pains and swellings produced by filling or filing.

 Arsenicum album
 Neuralgic pain in teeth especially after midnight and ameliorated by warmth calls for this remedy. The pain extends to cheeks, ear and head. The gums bleed easily, teeth seem loose and elongated. Pains are acute or burning in nature.

 An excellent remedy for unbearable pains especially on taking anything warm. The pain occurs in a whole row of teeth and radiates to ears. The pain is aggravated at night and after eating warm food and from taking coffee. The child is very irritable and moans due to pain. The pain is often associated with profuse salivation at night.

 Coffea cruda
 One of the important remedies for toothache when the pain is severe and drives the child frantic. The pain is stinging, jerking and intermittent and is aggravated while chewing and from warm drink. Toothache temporarily relieved by holding ice-water in the mouth but returns after the water becomes warm.

 Hecla lava
 An important remedy for facial neuralgia from carious teeth, and after extraction. Great swelling of jaws during toothache accompanied by swelling of cervical glands and formation of abscesses. This remedy should be used in low triturations like 3X.

 Hepar sulphur
 Throbbing toothache as if the blood is entering or forcing into teeth, caused due to exposure to cold air or getting cold. Gums are painful to touch and bleed easily with a tendency to abscess formation and suppuration. The toothache is ameliorated by warm applications, wrapping up the face warmly and lying on the unaffected side.

 Hyoscyamus niger
 Intolerable toothache driving the child to despair. Pain in gums extending to head or to cheeks. The pain is aggravated in cold air and at night, but better by stooping. Dr Hering considers it one of the most useful remedies in the affections of teeth especially when the pain is in the molars or in back teeth or in the lower teeth. This remedy is also useful in dental caries.

 This is one of the chief remedies in case of toothache owing to decayed teeth. The gums are spongy and bleeding and teeth are dark and crumbling. There is putrid odour and bitter taste in the mouth. The pain often extends to temples and is aggravated in open air, cold in any form, when lying down and during rest; ameliorated from warmth and motion.

 Lachesis mutus
 Toothache at night or every morning after waking. The pain is burning in nature and extends to ears. Toothache is aggravated by hot drinks and is ameliorated by warm applications. When the pain occurs on the left side and rapidly travels to right side, this remedy will be of great help.

 Mercurius solubilis
 This is one of the chief remedies against toothache when the pains are pulsating due to inflamed dentine and the gums are spongy, receding and easily bleeding. The pain is aggravated on touch or from chewing and at night. The teeth feel elongated; the pain affects the whole of jaw and face is warm, the pain is somewhat relieved by gentle rubbing of the face. Some of the important additional indications which call for this remedy are painful ulceration at the roots of the teeth, pain in hollow teeth, decay of the crown of the teeth, profuse salivation and a moist yellow, flabby teeth-indented tongue.

 Plantago major
 One of the oft-used remedies in toothache when the affected part is sensitive and sore to touch and the pain extends to cheeks. Toothache with earache and profuse salivation forms an important symptom combination of this remedy. The pain is aggravated in cold air and is ameliorated while eating. One of the important symptoms of this remedy is the reflex neuralgia of eyelids associated with toothache. The pains are periodic, easily excited even affecting sound teeth and are stabbing and boring in nature; these are worse by lying on the affected side.

 Sepia officinalis
 Toothache from evening around 6 P.M.  till midnight with great excitement. The pain is worse on lying down and usually on the left side and is ameliorated by hot applications and pressure.

 Silicea terra
 Toothache due to abscess formation about he roots of the teeth and dental fistulae. Gum are sensitive to cold air and cold water. This is also one of the important remedies in pyorrhoea when there is enormous amount of pus formation. The pain is worse at night and on lying down and better by warmth and wrapping up of the head.

 Toothache in children of hydrogenoid constitution. Toothache with spongy gums which bleed easily, profuse salivation and swelling of submaxillary glands. Teeth black and crumbling. Severe pain in the roots and affecting the whole jaw. The pain extends to ear and temple and is aggravated after eating, least touch, cold air and cold drinks, and ameliorated by warmth and by hard pressure.

 (a) Preventive. Dental hygiene is one of the important factors in preventing toothache, tooth decay and other complications like pyorrhoea. A child should be taught to brush his teeth regularly in the morning and before going to bed. The teeth should be thoroughly cleaned after every meal by rinsing and gargling with water. The brushing should be done properly that is from the gums towards the teeth. The children should be taught to chew and masticate the food properly and not to swallow the food hastily thus helping in proper use of teeth and production and mixing of proper quantity of saliva. Sticky sweets like chewing gums and bubble gums, chocolates, cold drinks and ice-creams are often damaging to teeth and should be avoided as for as possible. The diet should be nutritious, rich in minerals and vitamins. At the end of every meal some fresh fruit juice should be taken to stimulate the flow of saliva and keep the teeth clean.
Supplementary Treatment.
 It is necessary that regular check-up by a dentist should be carried out to detect the trouble in time and to enhance the chances of recovery. Some of the effective ways to combat toothache and tooth decay are gargling with lemon juice as well as rubbing juice with a slice of lemon slowly. Another pleasant way of cleaning the teeth for removing the tartar is to rub the teeth with sour milk and then rinse the mouth with warm water.
 The clove oil mixed with glycerine (one part clove oil with two parts of glycerine) may be applied to the painful tooth which will give immediate relief. In case of simple toothache, use of South pole of magnet over the affected tooth will alleviate the pain and swelling within a short time. In case of abscess, gingivitis and pyorrhoea, the North pole of a magnet which has antibiotic properties should be applied. Plantago mother tincture applied locally is highly efficacious against toothache

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