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Amenorrhea at puberty with congestion of head_apis

amenorrhea cough and loss of weight_pulsatilla

amenorrhea in anemic_manganum

amenorrhea in girl with backache_senecio

amenorrhea pains in extremities at night_sabina

amenorrhea suppressed from wet feet nervous debility_pulsatilla

amenorrhea with cough_sangunaria

amenorrhea with orgasms_merc peren

amenorrhoe from disappointed love_helonias

amenorrhoea after dancing_cocculus ind

amenorrhoea anaemic palpitation and dyspnoea_ars iod

amenorrhoea and chlorosis_sinapis n

amenorrhoea and gen debility_parthenium

amenorrhoea and vicarious menstruation _baptisia

amenorrhoea anguish restlessness sleeplessness_platina

amenorrhoea at puberty with nosebleed_pulsatilla

amenorrhoea causes by reflex heart symptom_lilium tig

amenorrhoea causing mental alienation_cocculus ind

amenorrhoea colic with pain between scapulae_ammo carb

amenorrhoea complicated with ovarian disease_phytolacca

amenorrhoea complicated with ovarian uterine disease and chlorosis_conium

amenorrhoea developed from dysmenorrhoea_morphinum

amenorrhoea due to complex endocrinal imbalance_thyreoidinum

amenorrhoea during puberty a sedentary life_aco n

amenorrhoea dysmenorrhoea with circular weak_avena

amenorrhoea excitement or worry neurasthenic_kali phos

amenorrhoea eyes suffused with tears dry ulcer on nose_euphrasia

amenorrhoea feet oedema of_graphites

amenorrhoea from chlorosis_ammo carb

amenorrhoea from disappointed love_helleborus n

amenorrhoea from fright_rhus tox

amenorrhoea from pelvic congestion_collonsonia

amenorrhoea genitals very sensitive with ovarian_conium

amenorrhoea imperfect digestion and defective assimilation_nux vom

amenorrhoea in consequence of pulmonary disease_sangunaria

amenorrhoea in young girls with dropsy_apocy

amenorrhoea melancholic obesity with hypogonadism_agnus c

amenorrhoea menostasia and chlorosis scrofulous girls_baryta carb

amenorrhoea metorrhagia in young_polygonum

amenorrhoea of long standing_iodum

amenorrhoea or retarded and scanty menses_sepia

amenorrhoea restore the flow whatever the cause _aco n

amenorrhoea with abdominal and urinary symptoms _bryonia

amenorrhoea with anaemia_pulsatilla
amenorrhoea with burning pains from back to pubis_alnus

amenorrhoea with cardiac distress_lilium tig

amenorrhoea with constipation overtaxed_cannabis sat

amenorrhoea with depression of spirits nervous debility_kali phos

amenorrhoea with dropsy of uterus_calc carb

amenorrhoea with ebullitions_merc sol

amenorrhoea with fulness and pain in head_cantharis

amenorrhoea with great melancholy_aurum met

amenorrhoea with hysteria and despondency_cypripedium

amenorrhoea with nervous headache_veratrum a

amenorrhoea with ophthalmia_euphrasia

amenorrhoea with ovarian or uterine disease and chlorosis_conium

amenorrhoea with ovarian with rheumatism_phytolacca

amenorrhoea with painful and tympani tic swelling_castoreum

amenorrhoea with phthisis_psorinum

amenorrhoeic and menorrhagic symptoms due to organic affection of heart_kali carb

anaemia with amenorrhoea bronchial tubes seemed filled mucus_sangunaria

anaemia with amenorrhoea_sangunaria

anemia with amenorrhoea_sangunaria

asthma dysponea amenorrhoea_urtica urens

atrophic ovarian amenorrhoea with anaemia_helonias

congestion of kidneys with albuminuria from amenorrhoea_helonias

depressed in amenorrhoea_cypripedium

dizziness and headache with amenorrhoea_gelsemium

dyspepsia with amenorrhoea_pulsatilla

eczema with amenorrhea > menses menopause_manganum

eye ophthalmia hemeralopia with amenorrhoea_pulsatilla

fear amenorrhoea from_opium

fear in amenorrhoea from anger_platina
headache with amenorrhoea_gelsemium

headache with constipation and amenorrhoea_graphites

hypo thyroidism and amenorrhoea_elaterium

hypochondriasis amenorrhoea in_coca

hystero epilepsy following a chill (with amenorrhoea)_thyreoidinum

inflammation of ovaries with amenorrhoea_apis

insanity amenorrhoea from_cocculus ind

leucorrhoea with amenorrhoea_xanthoxylum

mapped tongue with amenorrhoea_nat mur

mental derangement following amenorrhoea vertigo_cocculus ind

nervous and hysterical epilepsy with amenorrhea_thyreoidinum

nervous debility with amenorrhoea_pulsatilla

nose bleed when sleeping with amenorrhoea_oleum jac

oedema itching pedum from amenorrhoea_graphites

phthisis following amenorrhoea_sangunaria

prolapsus amenorrhoea itching and soreness of vulva and vagina_ferrum iod

prolapsus uteri with amenorrhoea with itch vulva vagina_ferrum iod

puberty with overweight and amenorrhoea_elaterium

throbbing headache with amenorrhoea_pulsatilla

young amenorrhoea with dropsical conditions _senecio

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