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Ayush Dept – On perusal of the inspection reports of the inspections as carried out by the CCH inspectors/ visitors of some of the existing/ newly established Homoeopathy Medical Colleges, it has been found that many medical colleges are not fulfilling the minimum standards, norms of CCH with regard to availability of infrastructure, teaching and non-teaching staff. Similarly, Central Government has also received complaints in this regard. This scenario gives apprehension that there may be possibility of growth of substandard education. Similarly, the existence of such substandard colleges may create a possibility of adopting malpractices and unfair practices by the colleges.

To ensure the quality of Homoeopathy medical education and safeguarding the interest of students, it is necessary to adopt urgent measures to regularly monitor the Homoeopathy Medical Colleges. In each Homoeopathy Medical College every year minimum four examinations,i.e., 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th BHMS Professional Courses are being conducted. In view of the objective of the HCC (Amendment) Act,2002 to ensure imparting of quality education, to inspect the Homoeopathy Medical College at least once in a year appears to be essential. Therefore, in order to preserve the conformity and spirit of the HCC Act, 1973 specifically read with the provisions of section 17 & 18 and with the provision of Regulation 6(2) and 10(2) of HCC (Inspector and Visitation) Regulations, 1982, Central Government desires that with immediate effect CCH may carry out the following:- To carry out the inspection/ visitation of all Homoeopathy Medical Colleges minimum once in a year during January to March of each calendar year to ascertain the availability of teachers, equipment, accommodation, training and other facilities as specified in Homoeopathy(MSE) Regulations, 1983 and submit their report and recommendation to the Central Government by the end of April every calendar year.

At first instance, the Council should carry out inspection of those 11(eleven) colleges which have been granted permission by the Department under provision of Section 12(A) of HCC Act, 2002, from 2004-05 onwards (list enclosed at Annexure-2) and the 72 colleges which were granted permission by the Department’s order No R.11011/03/2003-EP (Pt.) dated 13th September, 2004 (list enclosed at Annexure-3). Subsequently, the other remaining colleges may also be covered by such inspections / visitations to be carried out by CCH inspectors / visitors upto December, 2011.

In order to accomplish the inspections of 83 Homoeopathy Medical Colleges within a short time, mentioned in Para-1, the Council is requested to utilize the services of teachers from different State Government Homoeopathy Colleges also to undertake the visit of 83 Homoeopathy Medical colleges by 30.4.2011. The visitation/ inspection reports along with CCH’s recommendations pertaining to the above said 83 colleges on the availability of having requirements as specified in provisions of Homoeopathy (MSE) Regulations, 1983, should be made available to the Central Government by 31.05.2011, so that Central Government may take further appropriate action in view of the provisions of the HCC Act, 1973, HCC(Amendment)Act, 2002 and Regulations made there under.

Measurable Minimum requirements:

The Regulation no: 3 of these Regulations provide for Minimum requirements: There shall be attached to every Homoeopathic College a Hospital having not less than 25 beds and having minimum requirements, norms and standards as specified by these regulations in regard to teaching as well as hospital staff, equipment, accommodation, training and other facilities and such Homoeopathic Colleges shall also have one peripheral Homoeopathic clinic for every 10 admissions.

The summary of measurable norms are as follows:-

(i) Hospital – Minimum 25 bedded hospital with one peripheral homeopathy clinic for every 10 admission along with the student bed ratio 1:1

(ii) Minimum teaching staff for BHMS degree college – 13 Professors, 15 Readers and 15 lecturers totaling 43. Out of which 37 should be full time and 6 can be part-time.

(iii) Non-teaching staff – 8 employees.

(iv) Hospital Staff – for 50 bedded hospital 41 full time and 9 part-time.

(v) Equipments 466 equipments as listed in Annexure-F.

(vi) Lecture Hall – 6

(vii) Teaching Lab – Lab in three specified departments

(viii) OPD – Running OPD in 8 departments.

(ix) IPD – Running IPD with 4 wards

(x) Museum – Museum in 5 specified departments.

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